The GOP Should Be SCARED (If Biden Pulls This Off)

Huge assumption.

Win back? From a racist fascist?

Good OP. Some of your assumptions are faulty. And you completely ignore the weaknesses in the dem party.

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“War on White Men”


Racist fascist - policy over personality. Apparently it does exist and en masse at that.


To the tune of about 30% apparently.

Just ignore the democrats problem with white men, maybe it will go away.

What problems do Democrats have with “White Men”?


Put policies out there and everything.

Yep i keep singing the same tune about Latinos being conservative and dubya getting something like 39 percent of their vote in 2004

As long as Dems think that Latinos are single issue immigration voters the gop share will continue to increase

And of course gop attacking the communism/socialism ptsd of former south and Central Americans helps a bunch.

Works with Russian immigrants too.


Systemic racism.

I agree.

Just look at the results, Jimmy Carter won white men 55%-36%, what are you getting now?


Where is this war? What specifically is harming white men that the Democrats are advocating?

Systemic racism and the patriarchy must go.

This should be interesting.

Symptom of said war.


How is electing representatives a “War on White Men”?

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Just a coincidence.

How did this harm white men?

I am not getting how the election of non white non men to be representatives is a “War on White Men”

That would imply that that electing White men as representatives is a “War on non White non Men”

So how does that make sense?

You don’t end up with a legislature of only women of color by accident. Any more than you end up with only white men by accident. I mean, you can pretend democrats aren’t always disparaging “old white men” in power all you like but you are being willfully obtuse when you do.

Just one example.

Apply it to union support, higher minimum wage, topically, extending COvid UE benefits…

Can you name a blue collar issue that will be easy for the GOP to embrace moving forward?