The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


It always struck me as weird. My dad for instance is in a Nursing home right now. On monday they took him to ER in Congestive Heart Failure. Why couldn’t the Nursing home…operated by the same brand of Nuns that operate the hospital. All computers are tied in…why couldn’t my dad have the NH meds sent to the Hospital so he doesn’t get charged twice for the same medications. WHY…we do have a greedy hospital system…maybe if they have their own equipment and medications…they should be allowed to use them her in the US. why does the Respiratory Department have to bring my dad a CPAP machine, when he has a 6 month old one that works perfectly. The one they bring to the room is the same damn Machine.

Maybe some of that is wise. and cost effective.


and what does that have to do with solving world hunger?

you’ve run away from your original point (whatever that was) by about a mile now


But we can hope… I know the media would like it that way.


I haven’t run away from anything.


then i repeat the question

what does this have to do with “solving world hunger?”


NASA gave us tons of innovation.


i hope they go really far “togetha” for their beloved “true blue” supporters


like the 12 billion Trump just gave out so people would vote for him?


this “nasa” narrative of the model for govt funded healthcare has to end

nasa (and our defense too before you roll that out) relies on competing profitable companies to provide most of the tech

it’s like you all get the same damn dumb narrative talking points at the same time.



Honestly, conservatives better hope that Democrats at large never realize that it doesn’t matter how far left a candidate they push is anymore, because you guys have pushed the rhetoric so far painting center-lefties as practically communists that there’s no more hyperbole left.

Wouldn’t be stuck with the appellation “extreme socialist” if there was, which sounds like a socialist who windsurfs and drink Mountain Dew.


Which doesn’t change the fact that innovation is not the exclusive property of profit.


INdeed it does thanks.

I remember Spinach from back then and the stupid persona he tried to create then, looks like he is having a second go now.


no one said it was but by and large it is

man you guys do hate capitalism and free enterprise huh?



The private government contractors didn’t make a profit from their contracts?


um, so ocasio cotez is… “center left”??

mountain dew and windsurfing?

i tell ya. if there were any real jounalists that the whiny coward cortez would ever dare face, id love to see them ask her what the difference is between her position is, and communism


Third. He was Pogo Possum too, hence the 3.0. I guess he couldn’t help himself with that.


You are making an argument. You take a position on an issue and defend it. That you won’t get anyone to change their minds simply means you have a weak argument.

As for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez being a communist, I am yet to hear her call for an economic system based on public ownership of property and control of the methods of production.


Why not?

Are you saying socialism is not scalable? Why not?


It’s neither.


We? Was Salk working for the government?