The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


Yes, for every winner there is at least one loser.


Nope. You’re not doing that either.


To be accurate, colonialism enriched only a few Europium countries, not all European countries. And the U.S. got into colonialism pretty late in the game.

How much did it really enrich the U.S.?


I will.


Well, that’s a compelling argument.


Thank you.


Putting the “X” in Marxist!


Oh, you’re more than welcome.

And I’m glad to see you remain true to form and provide little more than one-liner responses.


What a nice thing to say. Thanks again.


Only if you live your life as if someone else’s gain is your personal loss.


Yeah… I could.

Think of it as infrastructure.


Nope sorry.


They did, so?


Nope its a right.


We = humanity.


@jezcoe suggested its a public good. I like that honestly.


Well communism requires the acquisition of the means of production by the proletariat or, in Leninist systems, the state.

She hasn’t proposed that so by that measure one cannot call her a communist. She’s more along the lines of a social democrat.


After taxes and paying for various benefits I see 60% of my paycheck every week. Count me out.


What do you pay monthly for health insurance?


I could go along with that.