The Future of Our Glorious Party Is the -Cortez Woman


The new face of the Democrat Party, an extreme socialist, Alexandria Occasional-Cortez as the saying goes and republicans, both RINOS and conservative patriots alike could not be more pleased!

It’s rare as finding gold in Connecticut these days that the left and the right can come together to feast upon the same fine meal… Alexandria Occasional-Cortez. Other long in the tooth but still potent superstars include Auntie Maxine, Chuck n’ Nancy, and Keith Ellison…

Never let it be said that conservatives don’t appreciate fine political material. Those of us with money will no doubt donate to the above leaders in the latest socialist movement. The LAST thing we want is for those fine people to have less than their extra-fair chance to run against republicans. It’s the right thing to do.

We salute you Alexandria Occasional-Cortez. Hail and swell fellow! Carry on! Carry on! You are the future maker for my party!


Cortez isn’t the new face of the DNC no matter how much you keep saying it.


Don’t be dissing Alexandria Occasional-Cortez. And I’m not the one saying it. I’m the one praising it.


What is extremely socialist about her?


I can’t see a thing. You’re right!


What of her policy proposals do you see as “extremely Socialist”

Keep in mind the President today pumped $12 Billion into the Midwest to keep people voting for him.


Note above. I agreed. You are right. And I was wrong. Go Cortez!


Seriously, I would like to hear your thoughts on this. Can you explain, in detail, why you find her extreme?


Aha! You’re trying to trick me so I’ll drop my pretense! No way jose! I’m sticking with my ruse!

Homework for you to settle the matter: Fox and Friends Morning Cartoon Show. Dobbs. Carlson. Hannity.

Power to the people! Up with -Cortez!


Nope, an honest question.

Although I don’t agree with her I can see why some people would find her message appealing.


Didnt we already have a thread like this?

Merge time.


Conservatives are so afraid of this woman. Who would have ever thought the idea of Medicare for all would be so popular?


I’ll take a chance and take your word for that. Assuming you see what I see, jes between you and me she frightens the dickens out of me. Not her so much. She’s just a silly little misled girl with a lot of help from crafty pols. It’s her followers. The ones who agree with her prattle.

Tell you something. Until fairly recently conservatives saw this stuff as some sort of game the left played. No one could really believe this stuff. Well…lately conservatives who study such things have come to the conclusion that we were wrong. Dems really do believe. And that’s not good.


Yeah… edging into 60% positive in the polls.


Read above. Conservatives LOVE this woman! Medicare for all. Up with -Cortez!


Soar Up with -Cortez!


maybe she is taking billions of taxpayer money and spreading it around to farmers…


Maybe the US is getting tired of spending twice per capita on health care with worse results than all other OECD countries.


What has the government ever been able to do cheaper, faster, and with better quality than private enterprise?


It is an undeniable fact that the US pays twice per capita as the next highest OECD country that has a single payer system.

If you can make the case that the results of our system are twice as good… I will be willing to change my mind.