The features I hope get added

The lounge

Really? That name implies laying around on overstuffed furniture talking about the weather. That probably explains why there is no activity in there.

There are a lot of serious topics to talk about that do not involve politics, and since pretty much everybody here is an old Hannity Forums member we are accustomed to the Outside the Beltway forum and participated in that forum second only to the Politics forum. It would make sense to use that name instead of The Lounge.

Outside the Beltway was how Physics Hunter became a forum contributor.

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I’m just wondering who’s ass I gotta kiss to get my edit function back again.


I agree, being able to hover over a thread link and see the first part was very nice along with who created a thread. Allows you to screen past threads you wouldn’t be interested in.

Oh, and the edit button of course.


Patience grasshopper, patience

Sit back


have a drink

Look at life outside.

It’s being worked on by those smarter than me

Now that you mention it, yes it was.

That was an interesting era at Hannityland wasn’t it. :wink:

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LOL…that leave a very large percentage of population. :grinning:

Hopefully most people will keep the default when you don in and see a list of all the threads that have been posted in. Doesn’t matter the section, it shows the title, forum section, how many posts, how many have read it, and the time the last reply was made.

Everybody’s … repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Bring those buns over here Samn.

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The worst of times, the best of times. :crazy_face:

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Are you buying?

Should have seen the install guy 20 minutes ago going over a feature I use on the remote for the 8th time :smiley:

They closed the bar, remember? :rofl:

Pull cup out of cubberd, turn on tap.

sit back




Good thing my nephew live nearby. :wink:

Snow exaggerates … I’m not working on it. :wink:

Are you sure? Because the edit feature works like a crotchety old man set it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear that it may soon be reopened under new management. :slight_smile:

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