The Bar is Open

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Snow has suggested that we drink while waiting for the edit function to be restored, so belly up my friends … the bar has reopened!

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I think I’ll sit back and have a toke while y’all get hammered. :smiley:

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Hippie. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, like the other bar you going to hire a skinny good looking blonde waitress?

Oh wait. This is the post Harvey era . . . am I allowed to ask that?

This bar is under new management. The bar maids are all beefy and buxom and capable of carrying a dozen beer steins in each hand. :wink:

I’ll have a bourbon, beer and a burger.

Well, the new site doesn’t have the hippie emoji like the old forum did, but at least I found this pumpkin. :jack_o_lantern: :confused:

Good choice, but I must have forgotten to mention, this bar is BYOB … and burger. :wink:

Yeah, the emojis in this new site really suck. It’s enough to drive a man to drink. :wink:

I believe I would be good and drunk multiple times over before they get the edit function working.


This isn’t a PC bar…that’s down the hill and on your left. :wink:

Drink enough and they all start looking good.

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The Halloween themed ones are nice enough.

Yeah, I’m sure I will find those really useful on the other 364 days of the year.

How about these? :hug: :eh: :rolleyes: :deadhorse: just to list a few.

There were dozens of good ones that we no longer have available to us.

I am a craft beer guy myself, nothing like a day at the brewery

cheers! :beer::beer::beer:

The iOS emojis work here.


I’m partial to Halloween, sue me :wink:

These are the closest thing iOS has to hippies.


And I see not all of them work…