The features I hope get added

Bring those buns over here Samn.

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The worst of times, the best of times. :crazy_face:

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Are you buying?

Should have seen the install guy 20 minutes ago going over a feature I use on the remote for the 8th time :smiley:

They closed the bar, remember? :rofl:

Pull cup out of cubberd, turn on tap.

sit back




Good thing my nephew live nearby. :wink:

Snow exaggerates … I’m not working on it. :wink:

Are you sure? Because the edit feature works like a crotchety old man set it up. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hear that it may soon be reopened under new management. :slight_smile:

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Well, Mal did suck at the job. lol

Hey those kids told me I’m a “grumpy” old man. But I was justified in yelling at those young whipersnappers!

While we are “grumpy old man” mode … the emoji selection here sucks big time. 98% of them are worthless and many of the better ones … and most used … that we had at Hannityland, are nonexistent.

There was an edit function at first. I used it.

Yeah, but you can use any from your phone/tablet. We never had a beer emoji on the old board.


We could do that on the old board too, but it doesn’t help me on my desk top now.

And another thing … why isn’t the old Forum “read only” through the end of the month as promised? How are we ever to know who made the last post there? How are we ever to know who won the “last post wins” thread?

Maybe they took that away from us because they gave us a few more days past the cut off date to post … :thinking:

They couldn’t figure out how to turn off so they redirected the whole sub-domain here. :wink:

I know, hence the no so subtle joke

Definitely was one of the most interesting periods. I wonder when this new place will have its first “historic” event?