The features I hope get added

1). A “back” button. Yes the new forum is easier to navigate, but there are cases where a simple back button would be a drastic improvement.

2). Not sure if I’ll use the right terms here. But this new forum needs some memory or caching. If you leave the app for any reason you get taken to the topics screen when you rejoin.
Example: I’m reading a large thread and am about 1/2 through and get a text. I reply to the text. When I go back to the forum app it takes me to the main screen, so then I have to select the proper forum, find the topic, then find where I was in the topic though is seems to remember where in the thread I was most of the time. But still. Why does it take me to the start screen everytime I go back to the app?

3). It’s been talked to death. Ignore. Bring it back. It’s needed no matter what the pie in the sky lala land developer thinks.

I miss not being able to see part of the post by putting the cursor over the title… and edit. Oh, and not getting “liked” notices. But, fine other was…

I could write a plugin for our discourse platform software to incorporate an ignore feature, but I’m not doing it for free and of course the forum moderators would have to be willing to install it. What is it worth to you?

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Make them a separate offer to do an edit button, will ya?

I believe for some reason that this mythical edit button actually already exists, the code for it however was wrote with one of those special pens that you only see under black light.

Patience grasshopper patience

How about you add an “Outside the Beltway” forum while we are waiting? There is no appropriate place here to post general interest topics.

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why must you people always make a profit? It would help the children… and the disenfranchised… and refugees. Oh… please have some compassion.

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I want the forum to have some voice recognition features and when I say “make it moo” , I’d like the forum to make me some chocolate milk.

oh… and also, I prefer just women in the hula dances. The forum will have a hula button, won’t it?

Who is “you people”? If you mean hard working, tax paying citizens who value their time and seek to be compensated for time spent away from recreation, then yeah that would be me.

The lounge

Really? That name implies laying around on overstuffed furniture talking about the weather. That probably explains why there is no activity in there.

There are a lot of serious topics to talk about that do not involve politics, and since pretty much everybody here is an old Hannity Forums member we are accustomed to the Outside the Beltway forum and participated in that forum second only to the Politics forum. It would make sense to use that name instead of The Lounge.

Outside the Beltway was how Physics Hunter became a forum contributor.

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I’m just wondering who’s ass I gotta kiss to get my edit function back again.


I agree, being able to hover over a thread link and see the first part was very nice along with who created a thread. Allows you to screen past threads you wouldn’t be interested in.

Oh, and the edit button of course.


Patience grasshopper, patience

Sit back


have a drink

Look at life outside.

It’s being worked on by those smarter than me

Now that you mention it, yes it was.

That was an interesting era at Hannityland wasn’t it. :wink:

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LOL…that leave a very large percentage of population. :grinning:

Hopefully most people will keep the default when you don in and see a list of all the threads that have been posted in. Doesn’t matter the section, it shows the title, forum section, how many posts, how many have read it, and the time the last reply was made.

Everybody’s … repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

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