The DOW now bothers me. It needs to turn around


Honestly you better get used to negative returns for a year or 2. We are way overdue for a substantial pullback


I know. I debate whether to adjust my strategy or ride it out. I think I’m young enough to ride it out. It’s tough to try to time your investment strategy to an anticipated downturn.


It’s funny you think we are young enough that is going to be ok. My retirement asset are all holed up in bottle caps and alcohol


You should be fine then. Bottle caps are the currency of the future.


Good grief! Well now the two camps will be that we saw a double bottom when we tested the Thanksgiving low today and bounced and others will still not be happy because they didn’t get their big capitulation day.

Guess we’ll have to see what the reaction is to the jobs report tomorrow.


No, you’re saying they’re there so you should be the one to show me. Until then I ain’t believing it


Why would I cry unfair like you I am an American I could care less who wants to take credit for the trillions of liquidity rained down on the market, banks, and businesses deemed to big to fail.

We’re still sinking trillions in debt annually under these clowns and that includes Trump.


You’re no fun.


It’s actually up over 10000 points compared to the way the Dow FELT on 1/20/2017.


If you’re talkin’ lead bottle caps. You can mold those into bullets.


Idk you’re the one gettin crazy because Obama oversaw the recovery


So if Obama had not become president we would still be in a recession?


You are 100% correct! Presidents do not control the stock market or the economy. Especially in a global economy in which the slowdown of one countries economy can impact the economy in another country.


Tell Trump.


Huh? …


It’s not just Trump. There are those here who believe that during Obama’s presidency that he was responsible for the rise in the Stock Market, and that the economy during that time frame was good and it was due to him.


Best thing that can happen for the market…and the world for that matter, is if the GOP gets some balls and finally ousts the scumbag-in-chief. That will add TONS of stability to the world and thus the market.


As I’ve done for about 30 years, I’m keeping between 40% and 60% in the stock market. If we go down so that the value of my stocks are less than 40% of my total asset value, I will purchase to bring it up. That worked from 2009 through 2013 (and a couple of times before that).
No panic. No predicting.


here’s what’s happened since i started this thread (the last two candles). i don’t like it even a little bit.



Hopefully next week goes better.