The DOW now bothers me. It needs to turn around


For the record, I don’t think presidents generally control the stock market, whether I like the president or not. But Trump is intemperate and loose with tweets and trade-war talk (and lots of other things).


Seems like it’s coming back from the lows, thank goodness. Hopefully it doesn’t go nuts close to the end of the trading day.


and you would be not close,

1/20/2009 close—7949
1/20/2017 close–19827
12/6/2018 1PM–24603

UP a total of 4776.

facts are our friends.



Alternative facts you goober ;p


I was hoping for a flush, but forgot about jobs report. People may wait for that tomorrow, but i’d be surprised if we didn’t close near lows again.

If jobs report is bad tomorrow, LOOK OUT BELOW!!!


of course you are right, but trump took ownership of the market when it was going up.

so he must own it as it is going down.



Jobs expected in the +190,000 range, which is decent,



Usually Presidents don’t. But Trump definitely has his fingerprints all over the uncertainty that has plagued the market the last couple of months.


Well trump hasn’t tweeted or mentioned the job reports numbers before it’s out this time around so…


President Tariff, :slight_smile:

doesnt make for a stout economy.



lol - He’s such a moron. I’m sure that his buddy Icahn has been short or long on the days when Trump has done one of his midday tweets that have sent the market flying one way or the other a couple of hundred points.


Electing an idiot who has done this for his whole career has done this…



I hope anyone who is nearing retirement is able to find a plan that works for them. I’m sorry republicans are destroying the market again.

For us young people out there: BUY BUY BUY when it crashes.


I’ve been quite aggressive since Trump. The brain said get out in August, the ego did not listen. Pretty much lost the year. womp womp.


Boy, wouldn’t it be funny if Trump Inc. missed some loan payments and had their loans called in the middle of his presidency? Ha!


If I’m his lenders I’d rather have a president indebted to me and keep him at the edge of cooperating instead of of starting a legal war against a president.


If he’s indebted to you but he’s not paying you, how is that a good thing?


He’s president, one who fancies himself a deal maker. Other arrangements will be made.


Funny, is this how you admit the economy was fine under Obama? Or is this now where you cry unfair that interest rates are rising?


DJIA is currently at 24,625.19

That is below where it opened at the beginning of the year.

My investments are losing money and I hope for a return to steady growth.