The DOW now bothers me. It needs to turn around

Here’s the last two months…

Those large red candles aren’t normal. The volatility of this market should be concerning to anyone with investments/retirements. If it falls off a cliff again, like back in 2007, the DOW will be in the 12,500 range. I want it to stabilize starting today and it needs to get back to a long, slow growth pattern.

Dow flatlined for a year or so right before 2008 crash too. Trump pump and dump. Parabolic 2017 going to crash

Unlike Obama, trump wants the stock market to do well.

The chaos president

Very high volatility, and a good degree of fear in the Market. Today and tomorrow will be interesting.

To say I’m very concerned about what’s happening with the market these last few days is an understatement. I recently moved my supplemental retirement savings to a less aggressive fund out of an abundance of caution. Today isn’t looking like it’s going to be a good day either.

Instability throughout the world makes for an unstable stock market.

Good luck. I hope it all goes well for you.

Really?! Please point out a time when Obama said anything close to “Man, I really hope the stock market does lousy”.

Don’t like the obama economy??

I actually wish we had that. Slow and consistent is a money maker.


Can I have some of whatever you’re having?

It’s a cable channel.

Thanks. A few wise people told me it’s never to early to start saving.

It’s something you can’t afford NOT to do.

He literally wrote that on his Twitter every day. Unless he deleted those tweets already, they should still be there. I’m not going to do your homework though by finding the quotes for you.


Straight from the horse’s ass.

Of course Obama should take ownership of the recovery. Look at the charts:


The economy had already recovered when Trump was sworn in

So is he responsible for the market downturn as well?? Or is that all trump?? What if it goes back up??