The DOW now bothers me. It needs to turn around


Dems taking the house and harrassing the president is the entire cause.


This is fine. I expect the largesse to start flowing down from the “job creators” any minute now.


right. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for China tariffs and Don Jr’s impending indictment.


Lol he’s so weak and pathetic, isn’t he?





You guys are funny thinking Obama fixed the economy.

Thank this guy.

That guy is gone the new guy is raising interest rates it’s easy to play around in a zero interest rate economy. This is why housing is cooling down as well.


Dems celebrating people losing their savings, like usual.


Haven’t seen any celebrating in this thread. Mind pointing it out?


Well, the vast majority being corporate rent-seekers who spent their deficit fueled tax cut wind falls on corporate stock buybacks.


The excitement is palpable. Hottest thread.


By all means, expand on this observable excitement.


shut up, you whiners


Here we have a picture that doesn’t make sense st first glance. Something is out of place…


This attitude always annoys me. You project fear that the policies you advocate for are not working the way you intended. Therefore, you are lashing out at others.

It kills me: I am upset at the lack of fiscal responsibility of the Republicans (a core tenet of their party) on the tax cuts, but if the market goes down I am supposedly celebrating by pointing out the debt and asking if it is worth it for the small bump we got.


This could just be a trough in the market too.


Fun Fact for the day: Trump owns 10 of the Dow’s top 20 worst single-day declines in stock market history . . .

#1 2/5/18 -1175
#2 2/8/18 -1032
#3 10/10/18 -832
#4 12/4/18 -799
#7 /22/18 -724
#11 2/2/18 -665
#15 10/24/18 -608
#16 11/12/18 -602
#18 4/6/18 -572
#20 11/20/18 -551

Does this check out, @CaughtInTheMiddle?


Decision time… What we want here is a downturn with lots of volume and a BIG drop into the close. FLUSH!!!

Then it should be safe to buy for a rise into year end.

I’d keep stops tight though. HA!


No. Not happy or celebrating. That’s my savings, too, by the way. After Trump won, I remember one of my more cynical Democratic friends said, Well, maybe our retirement funds will do well. So far–no.


It’s still up about 7,000 I think… Not too bad.


I guess. I’m trying to pretend these big dips aren’t happening.