The DOW now bothers me. It needs to turn around


I guess that makes you the horse. Obama did a great job. Economy was great until Trump’s henchmen and crooked family took over. “Tariff Man” is certainly ■■■■■■■■ the bed now. But this is what happens when you elect a TV huckster fraud and real estate scheme con man as president.


I didn’t elect him, and he was the media, the dimocrat party and let’s face it, the clinton campaign’s chosen opponent. They were giddy over the trump nomination right up until 3am November 9, 2016.


Do you know what a “recovery” is? Lol. Obama is responsible for the recovery. He left office with a stable economy at 5%. Do you remember 2008? If the economy takes a downturn it will be Trumps fault due to his NEW trade policies and deficit fueled tax cuts. Unless you’re suggesting Trump has made no new economic policies?


LOL, look at you, trying to run from the turd you left on the floor


During the campaigns I checked out a lot of what Republican candidate said about our economy. They pretty much trashed it in an effort to sell that they could fix it. Now it’s really teetering (stock market) they won’t say anything.


They make it sound like Trump inherited 10% unemplyment and millions of jobs being lost a month. I remember when they were bragging about 1million jobs created in 6 months. Which was only 167000 per month. But hey conster Trump said the “million” word must be yuuuuge


No, he’s not the horse in that scenario.


Comprehension man, try it.

Obama acknowledged it continued after he was done.

The ■■■■■■■■ that republican morons voted into office is the one that decided rocking the boat was a great idea. And the insiders/wealthy in the market are just taking advantage of it.


Should not have voted for Nancy, then …


Down 400 at open…


Will the S&P get it’s death cross?


When Trump won I shifted all my investments into risk managed funds and bonds, the same thing that I did when GW was elected. I got out of the stock market in 2001 when the Dow was 11,000 and got back in when it was below 8000 in 2009. I didn’t lose a penny in the crash of 2008, luckily, but my house sure took a good hit.

I got out of the market at 19 thousand, a good 8 years yield. I was rethinking my strategy lately with the Dow at almost 26k, but I am risk averse and have been making a steady 4-6% while Trump has been in office. I am almost break even at this point and if the Dow keeps dropping I will be in the black.

I might hop back in if it drops below 10k, lets see what happens.


Lost 5% on Alphabet in the last two days




Down 500 now, in the red for 2018.

I guess it got tired of #winning.


No surprise here people. You’re supposed to elect experts to top executive posts, and they are supposed to select expert cabinet members and other expert advisors to help them manage the nation’s economy. Instead, we have a charlatan entertainer in the top executive position, who surrounds himself with Fox News TV personalities, instead of people who know what they are doing.


Will today be the flush that traders have been waiting for? Will there be capitulation?

Let’s hope so.



Yep, looks like a complete sentence to me ya freaking AI Grammar cop!


S&P breaking through the 10/29 - 11/23 trend line! Gonna have to start nibbling soon.


Oh lord it’s down nearly 700. Again.


This is worth the trillions of debt we went into for the tax cuts. :confused: