The DOJ and FBI buried the Hunter Biden investigation before the 2020 election

I don’t know.

I have given up on trying to predict the future.

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Yes, Trump is greatly unpopular with anyone but Republicans

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You talked to all of the non-Republicans?

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Trump lost to Biden who barely left his basement.
Biden wasn’t the most popular candidate but not being Trump is a big appeal to non Republicans.

Democrats won a pig in a poke.

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they won because Trump is deeply unpopular with majority of American which is why he never had an approval rating above 50%.

If Republican run him again in 2024, they will likely lose again.


Honestly, I hope they do try to run him again. Clearly, they didn’t learn from their mistake.

Only reason he won was because people like me viewed him as an other and because I found Hilary corrupt.

Then it turned out trump was a total piece of ■■■■ con man.

Everyone got immunity in Clinton’s investigation so it wasn’t equal.

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Mueller purposefully left out the part where Glenn Simpson who was paid by Hillary met with Veselnitskya they day before, day of and day after the trump tower meeting! I’ll never forget how chabot made mueller look like a dundering idiot! Fusion who? That’s what mueller said.

Big Tech was crucial in getting you the W by mitigating any advertising for Trump or any republicans! Zuckerburg probably sits this one out, you done pissed him off!

You won states like Georgia because Stacey Abrams was giving out free Amazon gift cards to get people to vote, that ■■■■■ over now you have to win the ole fashion way.

Kamala is unpopular with everyone!

Kamala isn’t beating Trump! If Trump gets Tim Scott to be a VP it’s all she wrote for you guys!

It’s a good thing Kamala won’t run for President then.

I looked this up and couldn’t find anything. Can you provide a source please?

You tell me? Compare how long each lasted, how much it was a part of the 24 hour news and if you can be honest right now…you tell me…was it equal?

The Stacey Abrams illegal ballot harvesting ground game in Georgia's runoff - #63 by coolidge How about this forum

50 dollar gift cards to register to vote.

Happened in multiple states! This is why voter laws are being passed!