The death toll from China's covert war against the US has reached over 1.6 million

Every death from the coronavirus is arguably a direct result of China’s covert biological war against the US. That includes over 300,000 deaths in the US and 1.6 million in the world outside of China.

The virus has all the earmarks of a bioweapon that China intentionally released to target the US and its allies in western Europe and the Americas. The smoking gun is the massively lower death rates in China and other countries with universal vaccination against Japanese Encephalitis as shown below. There also appears to be partial protection for Russia and other nations with widespread vaccination to a similar tick-borne disease.

Japanese Encephalitis is a disease spread by mosquitos only found in China and neighboring countries as shown below. There is no reasonable explanation for the extraordinarily low death rates in these countries other than that COVID-19 was engineered so that widespread vaccination provides herd immunity.

Geographic Distribution of Japanese Encephalitis Virus | Japanese Encephalitis | CDC

Should the leaders of China responsible for releasing this bioweapon face Nuremberg-style trials for their crimes against humanity?

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No, the logical extension here is that those exposed to Japanese Encephalitis had at least partial cross immunity to Covid as well, no bio engineering necessary it’s just nature.

We found the same to be true years ago in treating Pavo when it was found that Salmonella anti bodies also worked on Parvo.

There’s still no evidence it was anything but a naturally occurring virus but China damned well hid both the severity and extent of their outbreak for at least six weeks.

The first clue was their dropping Oil imports in Nov/Dec along with drops in other manufacturing related consumables.

Our Bio Security Boys and girls need to pay better attention to China’s imports, as well as their weekly industrial output in the future because they provide a big clue as to what is actually going on internally in China.

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…or their hording of PPE in late December, early January while claiming there’s no evidence of person to person transmission.

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Yes, that was where I started as well, but I see no logical way to reconcile a natural origin with the clear cross-immunity with Japanese Encephalitis. There are three basic arguments:

  1. Japanese Encephalitis an unrelated disease that is classified in the a different phylum from coronaviruses. For reference sharks and humans are in the same phylum. Probability that the viruses would share common features that give cross immunity is low.

  2. Natural selection would have eliminated a coronavirus with features that give cross immunity since the local human population in China is already highly resistant to Japanese Encephalitis.

  3. 5 million people left Wuhan on packed trains and busses immediately before the lockdown but there was no nationwide epidemic. The absence of epidemics only makes sense if the population already had herd immunity. Initial WHO and Chinses reports that human-to-human transmission is unlikely were actually correct, but they were only true for resistant populations such as those in China. This analysis implies that the Wuhan outbreak was a result of intentional infections that targeted the relatively small number of people who were still susceptible to the disease.

The limited person-to-person transmission was probably true, but only in China and other countries with a highly resistant population.

China has millions of political prisoners that serve as organ donors on the hoof. They almost certainly used their supply of human guinea pigs to confirm that their population was safe from the virus before they released it.

I don’t doubt that China would target the US, and every other country. They hate us, more specifically, they hate Trump because he stood up to them and beat them in front of the world. If Communists will kill hundreds of millions of their own people to gain power, they sure won’t hesitate to kill millions in other countries to retaliate and regain power. They know Biden will help them not only regain what power and influence they had, but in diminishing America, will help them rise to World super power status. Not only have we seen 300 k deaths, but we’re going to have a lot more misery due to unnecessary shut downs that have put millions out of work permanently. We are also going to see a spike in homelessness as rents and mortgages, which were suspended during the summer begin to come due again. Biden has much to thank his benefactors for, and no doubt, he will…

Lol, because the Chi-coms have demonstrated how much they care about their citizens in the past or what? They love them so much they essentially enslave them all.


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For God’s sake! No it does not. This is ■■■■■■■ crazy conspiracy territory

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I fail to see anything crazy about it. Who could possibly imagine such a thing from the altruistic Chi-coms? lol

It’s crazy because it’s not based on evidence or anything we know about how diseases and pandemics work. Like election fraud, let’s see the evidence.

Fail to see any reason a disease couldn’t be engineered to look natural. Or a natural one be weaponized.

Well besides that the forensic evidence shows the exact opposite.

The OP stated it as if it were a fact, not a fantasy like you did.

So you just don’t fully understand what happened?

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If it was a bio weapon, then Trump really helped the Chicoms to spread it as far and wide as possible.

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The key to winning wars is not to die for your country, but to make the other poor sob die for his.

Sorry, but not even China is so stupid as to wipe out millions in their own country just to wipe out 300,000 Americans.

Welcome to the alternate reality.


Because you don’t know how genetic engineering works.

It leaves fingerprints…fingerprints which are absent from SARS-COV2.

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Here you go

Oh so what you’re saying is they were touching it with their fingers! A ha, they are way too small to touch with your fingers without crushing them, ■■■■■■■.