The Bernie/Cortez Party?


How many people were on social security and food stamps under Obama
and the Democrats, compared to under Trump?

People relying on the government to live.
Sounds like Socialism to me. lol.


People who work most of their lives to be able to retire, isn’t Socialism.
I think that you’re a bit confused. haha.

Or a lot.


Uh huh…lol…i mean lol


I love how conservatives can spend oceans of ink saying how they hate socialism but them support a 1935 FDR program that mandated that a portion of their salary would be given to an account managed by the government for their retirement.

Sure man- you hate socialism. Uh huh.


Sorry, you’re clumping me in with “most”.
That was your first mistake.

I don’t like FDR. He was one of yours anyways. Progressive/Bull Moose Party.
So you might wanna think before you say that Conservatives loved him.
He actually broke off from the Republican Party, because he wasn’t good enough
to be in it, and started the Bully Party.


Its basically just Sarah Palin all over again. Dumber than a box of rocks but everyone on both sides is obsessed.

Like Palin, AOC will probably flame out as her stupidity continues to be exposed and then she’ll quit and run away just like Palin did.


CLS- Cortez Lust Syndrome

That’s what it is…I’m telling you.


Never mind the fact she wants draconian gun control and doesn’t give a damn about the second, wants to get to zero emissions in 10 years including eliminating cow farts and airplanes…


And she won’t get any of it…but y’all are obsessed to the point of idiocy with her.

That’s why I’m thinking it has something to do with her being young and pretty.

That seems to attract the male members of the CEC like moths to a flame.


So we should stop paying attention to idiots and their more than radical propositions?


Actually, a lot of little girls respected Sarah. It was simply
the Liberal Media mostly trying to mock her, and treat her like she was

Sarah is way smarter, a lot less ditzy, and actually knew a lot more of what
she was talking about compared to the freshman Cortez.


Nope- wants to get to zero “net” emissions- meaning no new growth in emissions. Reasonable.


Ask her fans if they want the government to tell them what foods they are allowed to eat. Her and Cory want the power to do just that.


100% clean and renewable energy in 10 years. Know any completely clean airplane fuel?


Yeah that seems extremely unlikely. I’d be satisfied with 20 percent in 10 years- a doubling of where we are today.


Love those bugged eyes and Hippo teeth…WOW


you cant muster any more of a response?


Her looks don’t bother me. Her brain, or lack of one does.


Let’s ask China about who let them off in the Paris accord deals
with their Carbon Emissions?

hahaha. You know China? The Country with the biggest Carbon footprint.
To bad Obama and the Democrats didn’t make them cut back hu?


I can’t disagree with any of this.