The Bernie/Cortez Party?


This is really funny. Why do you try to compare the accomplishments of the president to a Congress person that has been in office for a month?


Do you think Medicare, social security, a progressive taxation, disability benefits and food stamps should be eliminated?

Just checking on your anti-socialism card.



This patriotic word soup was brought to you by the stars and or stripes. Now back to our regular scheduled programming an infomercial for reverse mortgages


where’s the next election ? i have some influencing to do


I prefer my whisky clear as water…and racism free.


I know! Let’s ask the owner of Amazon?

Jeffrey Buzz Buzz


She is an open border enthusiast.


Thank you. Clear, is a lot more politically correct.


They all have to be eliminated in order for the President’s statement to be true.


Are you thinking we should paint the White House in rainbow colors to avoid racism?


Well milk and math is racist to according to some. And you better not use the ‘Ok’ symbol,.


They will never answer that question. They prefer platitudes.


She wants to get rid of ICE all together.

The Dem Politicians just want to have open borders, and give citizenship to anyone
around the world.

They could care less about the Safety of Americans. Since they’re millionares
they don’t have to worry about it, because they’ll build their own walls, and fences
and have their own security. Or they can simply just move to another country.

Which I wish that they would do. Go start their Socialist utopia some place else.
I’m still waiting for the ones that said they’d leave the country if Trump became president. lol.


Democrats enjoy breaking so many pastime traditions anyways.
They enjoy making their own laws up.

So why not? lol. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:
You can force something else on the American people that they
don’t want. lol.


I think they need to be reformed, especially medicare. The unfunded liabilities amounts of these programs are staggering.


I’m gonna ask one more time just to see if I can get an answer:

Do you want to eliminate social security, medicare, disability programs and payments, a progressive taxation system and food stamps?

If not, why?


I’m sorry, I wasn’t replying to you when I said that.
Did you not see that it wasn’t you that I was replying to?

No I don’t want to listen to your feelings.


Not surprised.


I don’t want to end those things. Americans pay for those things, and yet
somehow the Democrats still steal the money or something to the point where
a lot of those programs are corrupted, in massive amounts of debt.


Here you are railing about the evils of socialism and you are supportive of these “socialist” policies. Come on man…