The Bernie/Cortez Party?

Is Alexandria Cortez simply saying what most Democrat Politicians
honestly want? Don’t forget that AOC is simply Bernie Sanders protégée.
Bernie Sanders is currently 77 years old. I would be worried about it
dying in office from old age if he won.

I think strategy wise this is what Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer really want.
They want the Democrat Party to become a Socialist one.
So if they act like they dislike Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, then
they can still appeal to moderates, and a lot of old school Democrats,
while still looking like they condemn Socialism.

The major problem is, that they don’t condemn it, and that is why
they didn’t stand at the State of The Union Address, when the President
said that this country will never be a Socialist one.

A size-able portion believe that way. I do see that Joe Biden is still outpolling every democratic candidate which gives me hope in their party. Let’s hope the majority doesn’t want to jump on the Venezuela band wagon like Cortez and many of the radical freshman congresswomen that were elected.

However she is by far and way the most popular democrat at the moment, that any presidential candidate would die for the media coverage she receives it reminds me of the media’s coverage of Trump when he was running, she holds the spotlight.

She’s just more outspoken than most of them. What she’s proposing is really no different than what most of the dem’s have been pushing for albeit much more slowly.

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I wonder how many Illegal immigrants, and refugees
Cortez is ok with coming into this country?

Same as most of the rest of the democratic leadership, there is no upper limit as long as they can get enough of them into the country to create a permanent underclass and voting block.

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Of course she is. Libs been wanting complete and total control over our lives. Her green program will give them just that, for how we work to how we get there, how we live and what we are allowed to have to what we can eat and drink in name of healthcare.

Remember who and what libs are…they are totalitarians. Greatest threat to our freedom and yes our lives since deadly faces of communism and fascism. Because what they are advocating is hybrid between the two.


Probably like 37.

AOC derengment syndrome.


Nah, we need a better acronym for the foaming at the mouth attention she is getting from certain people.

Awe look at you guys pushing the narrative…its adorable…


Is it bad that this makes me laugh?


Not at all. I got a really good laugh out of it.

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Don’t forget Bernie Sanders is a devoted Socialist.

He was in there way before the Freshmen were.

The Dem Politicians might need more time, but slowly, they
keep intentionally putting more and more Socialists in there.

They’ll try doing it slow enough so most Americans don’t notice.
Of if they do, they’ll try doing it slow enough so most Americans
can go Eh, I can deal with it/put up with it.

Sooner than later it will be to late. If it isn’t to that point already.

Thank you for your well thought out, and well written debatable point.

She did manage to de-rail Amazons plans to bring 25,000 jobs to N.Y.

You go girl!!!:+1:

Some will profit off of socialism by very nature of doing business with goverment. They also write their own laws with centgov blessing that favors them without any competition through regulations etc.

so pretty much what America has now just different people profiting?

To appease the masses.

Cortez represents the mentally deranged more than she represents socialism.
The time is approaching that her family will have to make a decision on whether or not to have her committed.

Immoral ***, is what they are.

Willing to sell out their own country for the money, and power.

I looove how AOC has become the new boogeywoman of the Right. I guess they were tiring of using Hillary for that role as she has been out of politics for 2 years now.

tippy tops

gawd bless her

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