The Bernie/Cortez Party?


Immoral ***, is what they are.

Willing to sell out their own country for the money, and power.


I looove how AOC has become the new boogeywoman of the Right. I guess they were tiring of using Hillary for that role as she has been out of politics for 2 years now.


The Clintons are the gift that keep on giving.

Us righty’s will never get tired of using Hillary for that role.
But Cortez makes an idiot out of herself and a fool, so it’s hard
not to make fun of her.


tippy tops

gawd bless her


Nah- Fox is tiring of Hillary as the face of the evil socialist democrats…so on to freshman representative AOC.

Pretty amusing for a bunch of people that support Donald Trump.


that AOC is a socialist is not a narrative.


there’s like things, and stuff, and it’s like good and stuff,
and the tippy of tippiest tops and stuff.

She seems kind of ditzy.
And this woman has a degree in Economics.
I’m guessing that she partied a lot in College.
She talks like she’s drunk half of the time. lol.


Gotta gin up the base somehow…


I know right? Trump actually keeps his promises, and is Making America not only great again, but flourish Economic wise, and in several other aspects.

While Alexandria supports Socialism, which is the opposite of why America
is such a great Country and can thrive as much as we do.


Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Come on man…


Isnt it just? Let’s all get together and paint them all socialists. We won’t have anything but bumper stickers and conspiracy theories about hidden agendas but the true patriots know the truth :man_facepalming:


I guess so.

Is that what makes it possible to vote for such
immoral people like Hillary, and slick willy Clinton?


Flourish… he has yet to surpass Obama’s numbers in gdp or employment. But yeah flourish

Thanks Obama


Maybe they don’t realize that we already have a progressive taxation system, social security, Medicare, disability supports, food stamps, etc- you know- socialism. God forbid.


i recommend actual gin. although i am a vodka man myself. closest thing to moonshine


I wonder if there was way for private individuals to stop having so much influence on politicians. May be let’s say we overturn the idea tht money is speech.


I’m a moonshiner myself- and I love the taste of white whisky. As long as it’s been distilled at least a couple times.


Commie. :grin:


I’m glad we can both agree, that is what the Democratic Party is.
Well, that and Socialism. Owe, and the cards of Race, or Sexism, or
isms, or phobia’s, while they get to be as racist and sexist and everything
else as they want.

I guess I can see the appeal of it all. If you’re a Democrat you can do whatever
you want and say whatever you want, whenever, and wherever you want,
and always get away with it.

Of course, I prefer to live the truth, and not in lies, and corruptness, and evilness,
with morality. Than again that’s just me.


That’s Racist man. What about all the other colors of whiskey’s out there?