The Bernie/Cortez Party?


Lots of people. More and more people are retiring and more and more people are living longer which means more and more people will rely on those programs.
If you want to get rid of socialism in America, you’ll have to get rid of these programs. Otherwise, socialism is a part of the fabric of our society.


who is better for America

palin or AOC?


Now that Hillary is not running in 2020, Republicans need a new person to get in a frenzy over.


For you? Thats what your post deserved


When was America not great?


AOC isn’t a quitter, like Mama Grifter


I really didn’t think much of AOC until she got under the skin of Conservatives.

It’s fun to watch them losing their minds over a kid from Queens.


Trump is proud of you.

Now, of course, if you call Trump an extremely fat, lazy, POS, he’ll get mad at you.


AOC is an avowed socialist so what exactly is the issue with saying so?


AOC is not a grifter.


shes obviously in politics for the same reason teenagers want to be rock stars. so, i believe she is and much worse.


ok so, “no” got it


Its so obvious.


Nothing. She is a socialist. Democrats are not.


This is an interesting way of looking at things. She is in politics because she loves Celebrity? Is that true for the President?


You mean like republicans controlling woman lives?



Interesting question.

That I feel will need a few years to be answered properly.

Let AOC get a few years of political reality.

Palin already has that.

Let’s even up the playing field.



well i havent seen the president dancing around in the wh yet so not sure. plus he already was a celebrity and much less hated.


You think in the 30 odd years that the President has been a celebrity he was much less hated? how does that go again? “thank you for your opinion?”


yeah well, since i started seeing trump appear on the oporah show in the what, late 80’s until about 2 years ago i don’t recall ever seeing “fudge trump” t shirts and bumper stickers and loser comedians holding his bloody severed head

oh, and you’re welcome