The American Peoples Money


Do you think this wouldn’t be planned for ahead of time?


What’s wrong with private funding for those things?


Doesn’t matter, there is a limit to how fast it can be done.


the people’s wall


Of course private funding is good for most of it. It still takes two years to build a shopping plaza or to expand a long stretch of highway, even longer for some infrastructure projects. Start letting too many people come in and the system will be overwhelmed. I have no doubt that millions more from all over the world would move here in very short order, many millions.


Sure. But it definitely matters whether or not its planned for. There should be few limitations on the movement of labor and capital.


In principle I agree.


National protectionism stands in opposition to the free market.


Yeah, I almost hate feeding him. But it is sort of fun.


Who’s talking about protectionism? I’m just being realistic about what we are capable of. We should not ■■■■ up the system just to be nice. We have overcrowded schools in many areas as it is for example. That takes taxpayer dollars in most cases. Even if you expand the tax base, infrastructure has to more or less keep up, as do the number of jobs which is directly tied to economic growth. I bet we could get fifty million people from India alone in a single year but it would not go smoothly, no way.


That sounds like 100 million Indian hands building new infrastructure.


And where do they go to school and get electricity from in the meantime? Where do they shop? I can go to a restaurant right now and not have to wait long and I like it that way. It sounds like a small thing, but it also applies to all manner of retail and becomes a big thing if it is all in short supply. You aren’t being realistic.


Illegals don’t vote. Citizens do, and by the way, Hispanics are a natural conservative constituency.


They read books by candlelight. You know, like people did before we had all the fancy ■■■■ that naturally comes with an influx of ambitious people.


We’ve reached the point where our local communist has to educate the proletariat on how capitalism is supposed to work.


Horse ■■■■■


Bah. I’m not advocating trade barriers or import export quotas, tariffs or anything of the sort. I"m saying there is a limit to how fast we can realistically allow immigration without overwhelming the system.


I got you. I’d get the same kicks out of Angra’s posts if they were talking to a tree.

However. I see a possibility of allowing the free movement of people and goods across borders without having to provide our “system” to all comers. Heck, it’s already happening today, to citizens, based on economic class alone.

Send your kids to public school in McCallen Texas. Or send them to public school in Norfolk VA. Same system, right?


You should learn how to say that in Hindi.


Gladly :blush:. I’ll look it up when I get home.