The American Peoples Money


It is happening now and that’s bad enough. I see no reason to strain it to the breaking point. Heck people might just as well stay where they are if that’s to be the case.


So… is Mexico paying for the wall, or no?


We don’t have a free market now.


And we never will. I’ve owned and/or been part of several businesses and have a pretty good idea how onerous government red tape, restrictions, regulations and licensing and crap can be, but some of that stuff is necessary.

There cannot be free and fair competition out there if the crooks and slime balls are not kept in check. Our president being a perfect example.


Every time I hear someone even mutter ANYTHING about a promise trump made, I have a hearty laugh.





Then what’s wrong with a border wall, and why did Chuck and Nancy vote for it years ago,
and yet now are against it?

It’s because back then when Obama, Chuck, and Nancy voted for it, it was simply to get votes, and just for show. Now that a wall could actually be built, and their precious illegal immigrant votes could be lost, they have to fight against it.


Me too! Because compared to most of the other politicians that for how many years have constantly made promises and ran on what they said they would do, most of them don’t even try to live up to their campaign promises. And that is why Democrats hate Trump!

He actually tries to keep his promises and is keeping a lot of them.


The proof, obviously, is that the wall has been built and paid for by Mexico, Hillary is in jail, ACA has been fully repealed, our deficit is disappearing, China is labeled a currency manipulator, etc.

Yeah. Trump keeps his promises alright.


They didnt vote for a wall under Obama. They did vote to fund additional fencing, additional border personnel, and new technologies for border security. And they still support those measures. But they dont support an archaic wall.

What is it with you guys? Acting as though a wall is some sure-fire defense against illegal immigrants making their way to this country. And how does a wall deal with the largest sector of illegals (hint: it’s not people crossing the southern border)?


Yes, that is EXACTLY why the majority of the American electorate hates Donald Trump: he’s the quintessential Promise Keeper!

Thanks, I needed that!


Bill McCartney hearts this post…


What bill are you specifically referring to?


Two more lies. Trump is a liar.


That’s a veritable smorgasbord of inaccurate rightwing talking points rolled into one paragraph. Lol


Ayup… California has the 5th largest economy in the world.


I think people are just jealous of California. Our economy is great. Our weather is great. We have beaches, and they’re great too.

It’s supposed to be 60F today. This is perfect winter weather IMO.


Nearly all of the fencing from the Secure Fence Act of 2006 already got completely. What Trump wants is a huge cement border wall, which will be harmful to the environment, and it will not really be helpful with the thousands of people coming from Central America trying to get asylum.


It would help with not only illegals, but Radical Islamic Terrorists.

Which without a border, more terrorists can simply come and go as they please.
just like they did under the Obama administration.

Gee, I wonder how often terrorists attacks happened in America while Obama and
the Democrats were in control in America, compared to under the Trump administration?

It’s almost like the Democrats want Anarchy in this country? hu. Go figure. lol.


Its weird… you wondr about the past,ye tthat past is fully domeonstrable to yourself. So what happened during those times to lead you to htis conclusion?

And Happy New Year to you and yours…