The American Peoples Money

Democrat Politicians say that we shouldn’t spend money on a border wall, and yet there is plenty of money for protecting murders and rapists in sanctuary cities.

Let’s ask Philadelphia Mayor James Kenney (A Democrat of course) what he thinks about a well known illegal immigrant gang member killing a Police officer?

Or better yet, the Democrats think that 5 billion dollars for a wall is way to much, and yet they can protect Democrat politicians who have abused women, and have a slush fund. The slush fund is money that the Democrats have stolen from the tax payers.

Here’s what I love! Is that the Democrats supported the wall before, but ultimately the Democrats can’t handle from the real truth! and that is that they don’t want the wall! They want open borders! Oops! Better not tell the America voters the truth poor Chucky and Pelosi? Too late, Trump already exposed you two!

Trump, you should bring in the cameras more often with your opponents. That way you can expose what they truly and really stand for! That’s more votes for Republicans in the end.

Is it really just all about the children Democrat Politicians? Because if it were, I wouldn’t think that you’d be ok with the killing of millions of unborn fetuses, and you wouldn’t be ok with selling baby parts. If it was about the children with the refugees then why aren’t you doing something in the caravan of refugees on there way here right now, where how many children either get raped or molested along the way?


Or maybe Trump could get Mexico to pay for the wall like he promised he would do.

Remember when a man’s word meant something?

If I were in Congress, I wouldn’t be authorizing any money for a wall until I saw the plan on how Mexico was going to pony up the money.

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Mexico is paying for the wall ultimately, through NAFTA.

Through trade and other deals that Mexico has been screwing over America for 20+ years,
Trump redefined those trade deals, and now we’re not getting screwed over like Obama and the Clintons allowed us to be.


This makes zero sense.

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Show me the math.

  • ignores George W Bush *
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The Bush’s didn’t help, but Bill Clinton was the one that really screwed America
with NAFTA.

This fallback Trumpsplanation of Donald’s campaign promise has all the significance of a fart in a tornado.

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Through trade with private corps? How would that money end up paying for a government built wall?

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So how do you propose we get that alleged money to contractors to start building the wall?

[this should be interesting]


Lol - Bush 41 was the one that laid all the groundwork for NAFTA. I remember because I did a research paper for an economics class in 1990 on how it would affect the job market.


You guys just keep believing Trump’s lies. It is just flat out entertaining to watch.

Maybe have 10 Senators vote for funding for the wall?

You know how Obama and the Dems say they want fences, or whatever they call their phrase for it, and even voted for it, but the problem is they really don’t want it, because of the illegal votes that they can get, and the Anarchy that open borders bring with it. Just look at how corrupt and Socialistic, and poor California is. Better yet, ask Nancy! lol.

And how are we going to ensure that they vote in such a way as to ensure this funding is coming from these alleged NAFTA funds from Mexico as Trump promised and not from taxpayer money?

Trump convinces the gullible to chant along with him that “Mexico!” will pay for the wall.

Surprisingly (to some, apparently), Mexico declines to pay for the wall.

Trump has 2 years to get the House and Senate to come up with funding for the wall that U.S. citizens will pay for. Doesn’t do it, stamps his feet some.

Trump about to lose the House, he and the CEC panic that the wall will never get funded.

Trump refuses to sign the CR, and blames the Democrats for “shutting down the government” and refusing to pay for “border security” (i.e., HIS wall).

Voila, Democrats/the left are to blame for lack of wall funding.



We could always talk about the slush fund money. Where is that coming from?

Did the Democrats ever release who these men were in their party that are molesting,
abusing, raping, and being inappropriate with women, or are they protecting them?

Why are they protecting them, when they’re the party supposedly for equality, and right for women, and safety for women?

Where is the money coming from with the slush fund? Is it the tax payers?

It’s been pretty interesting to watch the big con.

Trump’s mouth shouldn’t have written a check that he couldn’t cash.

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Maybe you can write me a list of how many other politicians have kept as many promises
that Trump has?

Do you realize how ridiculous you guys sound every time you use the illegal voters talking point?

Do you realize how ridiculous you sound when you deny that no Illegal immigrants don’t vote?

and how even more ridiculous you sound when you think that the Democrat politicians don’t intentionally bring in illegals to get their votes?