The American Peoples Money


Mexicans have been putting produce in America’s fat ass belly for longer than 20 years. Their country has been destroyed by its voracious appetite for illegal substances.
By all means, build the wall. Deport all the illegals, so I can laugh while half the food rots in the fields and farmers go out of business.


Maybe you can focus on the topic of conversation, which is the promise Donald DIDN’T keep


I know a guy who owns a roofing company who has made hundreds of thousands of dollars off the backs of cheap immigrant Mexican labor.

He absolutely hated…wait for it…Obama.


Explain how NAFTA part Dos pays for the wall? What page is that in the agreement?


The one that reads: Make it up as you go, no one in the base will check for veracity anyway.

A Manson-like cult following.


@Kelby just a friendly heads up, I saw a post the other night by a moderator saying any one referring to Trump supporters as cultists or Trumpists will be suspended a week. You may want to edit.


Meh, I got flagged for something the other day…wasn’t sure why, maybe this.

I appreciate the heads up.


That’s like saying NRA is protecting school shooters for not wanting to make guns harder to access


what? you do know that Trump new trade deal has yet to take effect right.


Ha Ha!!

Oh wait…you were serious?


They don’t want open borders, that is a lie.


Some do. Doesn’t sound like a bad idea.


Almost none, not real open borders. Certainly not enough to even take into consideration as to legislation going anywhere.

It sounds like a bad idea to me.


Why? Scared of foreigners?


LOL, no. Too many people want to come here and the onslaught would be overwhelming to our system.


America already has pretty big borders they take in about 1,000,000 people a year.


There’s plenty of space and system.


They system has to grow with the population and there are limits to how fast that can happen.


Why can’t they shrink instead?


Infrastructure, the number of jobs available, hospitals, schools, stores, roads……………………