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Justices Roberts and Kavanaugh will not vote in favor of abortion restrictions. The basic opinion of the court of Roe v Wade will remain.

Earlier this year both Justices sided with Planned Parenthood in a case.

The inclusion of another conservative justice to the Supreme Count will not change the views of the courts. The President would need to nominate at least 2 socially conservative justices in order for the court to sway the other direction.


Oh, I’m not trying to be convincing. NOT on this forum. :rofl: I’m just blowing off steam.


Yes it is.


That’s not what the very first Google search result for “public opinion on abortion in america” shows:

Only 37% of adults think abortion should be illegal in most or all cases. Figures lie etc.


As is so often the case with cons, you have conflated “Abortion is a necessary evil.” with “Democrats are ruthless baby killers.” Shall we label you a racist because you support a border wall?


Thank you for the refreshing honesty. Noting that Trump is just a terrible human being is not fake news, or TDS. I just wish that Republicans would choose a better standard bearer for their policies.


What case is that? I contend that hiring lobbyists to regulate their own industry is corrupt. I never argued that Obama didn’t do it, or that I was OK with him doing it. I wasn’t.


Are you without sin? Do you think that people can not ask God to forgive them and he doesn’t forgive? How do you know that Trump hasn’t repeated for his sins and changed his ways? Do you think that every person we send to DC is without sin accept Trump? I find what a lot of congressman and woman say repulsive and a lot of them as immoral. I believe that there are very few people in DC who are there to make the United States a better place for everyone. They are all there for the money.
I didn’t vote for Trump in the primaries. I supported Rubio. But when it came down to Hillary or Trump I had to make a choice and vote for who ever would push for the things I believe in. I vote for the person who is going to push for the agenda I feel is important. Abortion is one of those things. I think the idea that it’s a woman body she gets to decide is a bunch of baloney because we are pushing the innocent life under the rug. The woman made her choice when she had sex without protection. But the person who gets punished is the person who has no voice yet.
I wouldn’t say that I would not want Trump or Hillary in my life. I don’t know the sins of everyone who’s in my life in any capacity. But I know that I don’t judge people by what they have done in the past or by what other people claim they have done in the past. Not my job. That’s Gods job.
And no one deserves to be President. I didn’t care for a lot of the Presidents that we have had since I could vote. They all had their faults. But I can look past the man and see the flowers in the weeds.


Because we can perceive it.


Your response is one I have often heard from other Christians. As I’ve said, voting Republican because of the likelihood of pro-life judicial appointments is not a position I argue against. Abortion troubles me too, in a way that it didn’t before I came to faith, and I have close personal experience with it. But other things trouble me too.

Of course I don’t presume to judge Trump’s salvation - that is indeed God’s job. But let’s not kid ourselves about whether he appears to be walking in the spirit. I for one have seen no evidence of fruit in his words or actions. This after eight years of hearing “conservatives”, even Christians, say the most vile things about a man who has shown exemplary character throughout his adult life. A faithful Christian husband and father, who set aside a lucrative law career to serve in his community. You can mock the term “community organizer” right up to the point that you must acknowledge that that was one of Jesus’ functions here as well.

My switch from Republican to Democrat coincided with my acceptance of salvation. Even though Bill Clinton’s policies more nearly reflected my views, I voted for Bush Sr. and Dole because I respected them as men. I would have voted for McCain if given the chance in 2000.

I believe that the checks and balances in our government work, and that as long as our elected officials are people of integrity, we will continue to thrive, regardless of who sits in the Oval Office. Of course they are not without sin, nor without necessary, ugly compromise. But I have to believe they will do what they truly think is right for this country, not for themselves. FDR did. Eisenhower did, Johnson did. Reagan did. Bush did. Obama did. I see NO evidence that Trump has or will. I dread the day that he is actually faced with an existential crisis, because I don’t see any guiding foundational principles in him.

Clearly we disagree on that. May God bless you and yours.


How do you feel about the Clinton foundation? What’s your view on Van Jones, an outright communist? How about 37 unelected czars that Obama appointed?

I’ve never held up Donald Trump as a paragon of moral virtue. As a Christian, I recognize our fallen nature and that no person or people will ever be able to bring about a virtuous government. Jesus is not running for office, but He will soon bring His kingdom to Earth. In the meantime, I have always to choose between the lesser of evils. Between Trump and Clinton there was no contest.


You can label me whatever you want, but I know that I’m not a racist.

What would you call Abortions? A woman’s right to chose? Well know, it’s funny
that you should mention this, because any woman that believe in God,
and would ever get an Abortion, I would think personally would go to hell.

Of course in other religions and spiritual aspects of life murder is still not acceptable.
It’s sorta a equilibrium thing in life.

Just a couple of months ago, I was talking with a woman that I was interested in. I asked
her if she supported Abortion, and this is what she said; Yes she does, and she’s had one
before. She told me how the fetus had died inside of her, and it was stuck inside of her body,
and that it was causing her complications health wise, so she had to surgically get it removed, and she said that it was either her babies life, or hers. Now either she doesn’t know what an Abortion really means, or she told her story wrong(which I’m pretty sure didn’t happen).

My main point is, it’s not only with Abortion, but with most millennials in general, that most
of them don’t really understand the true definition of what things mean, and that the Democratic Party is great at intentionally trying to confuse them, so millennials and confused people will vote for them.

My suggestion to the Republican Party is this; If you want more votes in general, especially
from millennials/ aka the future generation, make sure you try to educate them in some way
the truth about politics. Educate them about the Bill Of Rights. Especially so they just don’t have a Liberal college education about what Liberals tell them Politics are.
After all………….why do you think that they want 16 year old’s to vote?


I like you. To many people follow their party blindly, standing up for their party
no matter what their politicians do or so, or no matter how they act.

You seem objective. I try and be that way also. I think Trump is far from perfect,
but personally, I voted for him, and think that overall he’s going to help the country.


A decadent, pathological liar, serial philanderer and thief is the lesser of two evils? Lol. The church is doomed and I cannot wait until it falls.


Liberal indoctrination? Lmao


The case had nothing to do with abortion. Try again.


Bill Clinton did not run against his own wife…


There’s a wide gulf between “most” and “all”.“Most” abortions are performed during the first trimester and about half of Americans polled were just fine with that. Beyond that the numbers start dropping dramatically.

The poll and article I cited show much more exacting figures on when and where the limits should be drawn. Over 2/3 believe it should be illegal in most cases from the second trimester on.


That’s one of the nicer things I’ve had to say about him over the last three years.


Ok that’s just funny.

He has repeated them over and over through three wives, multiple mistresses and constant, daily, lies.

He lies reflexively when when the truth would make more sense.

God is very forgiving and grants “Forgiveness” but only for those who are truly sorrowful for their since, renounce them, and truly Repent.

When Christ granted absolution to the sinner, he said “You are forgiven, go forth and sin no more”, not “You are forgiven, sin all you want and try again”.

He may well have truly repented and asked forgiveness at some point but he hasn’t begun to even attempt to be a better man since.