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You don’t have to support the man to support most or any of the policies he’s enacted while in office.

I would support the same policies no matter who implemented them.

Trump is despicable on a personal level but most of what he’s done or is pushing has been/is/will be very good for the country.


Abortion will remain legal but all it takes is one court decision to enable strict limits on when it’s legal and the odds are now very high we’ll see such a decision sooner rather than later.

85% of the country supports limits on abortion.


And there are limits on abortion. What’s your point?

What evidence do you have that we will “see such a decision sooner or later?:”


The last administration was populated with lobbyists.

You’re not making a very convincing case.


How is that going to work?


washington examiner


There are very few limits on abortion currently and the entire episode with the last round of SCOTUS confirmation hearings made it quite apparent they feared such a case coming before the court during this administration.

Ginsburg’s days are numbered and one more conservative appointee will assure the court takes such a case when the right one comes up.


There ya go, when you can’t argue the facts attack the source.

Predictable, old, and tired.


Like every other tax, through IRS regulation.


Try reading what you quote before replying, not “limits”, “strict limits”.


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The IRS is going to determine whether the recipient of the funds is a U.S. citizen…in Mexico? Good luck with that.


85% of the country wants strict limits on abortion? Do tell.


They can require proof of citizenship for every recipient. They can also set rules to punish both the business and the individual who fails to or who commits a fraud.

No problem.


Perhaps this will help.

85% of the country supports limits on abortion.

Try reading what you quote before replying.


No they don’t.


If repubs touch abortion it will hang around their necks like an albatross forever. It will prove the suspicion that the mostly male Republican party craves to grind their bootheel into the female neck. Conservation politicians are too smart to shoot their female voter base in the face. They just tell Republican voters that because it plays with the base.


Republican politicians are against Abortion, but most of them realize that
it probably won’t ever get overturned.

Did you just compliment Conservatives?


CBS Poll: 51% of Americans Believe a Border Wall is a Good Idea

As Townhall previously reported, a CBS poll released today showed that more Americans than not want illegal alien families either detained or deported all together. But, that same poll shows that 51% of Americans believe that a wall along the United States southern border is a good thing, even if that structure does not span coast-to-coast.

According to the poll, 32% of Americans believe that “a wall along the U.S. Mexican border” is a “good idea that can probably be completed.” 19% of those polled answered that the wall is a “a good idea that should be tried, even if it cannot be completed.” 48% of the 2063 adults polled said the wall was a “bad idea.”


Most do not support a border wall.