The American Peoples Money

  1. Granted, this is low hanging fruit, but inevitably after someone declares “I’m not a racist!”…
  2. No one is going to Hell (or Heaven) on your (or my) say so. And there’s nothing funny about it.
  3. Your confused and confusing story about the young woman’s pregnancy leaves much to the imagination. But if the fetus perished in the womb, and would not evacuate naturally, then it would need to be removed surgically, perhaps by a d&c, the same procedure used in voluntary (or, in your mind, “sinful”) abortions. Just because it was a miscarriage or stillbirth doesn’t mean it wasn’t resolved through an abortion. That’s why even most laws prohibiting abortions include exceptions for saving the mother’s life. The more you know…

BTW, given your stance, I assume you would prohibit abortions in cases of rape, incest, or where the baby could be saved but the mother’s life would be forfeit? For the sake of ideological consistency, of course.


Unless I missed it in a subsequent post, you DID’NT cite an article. You threw out the 85% number in language that can easily be inferred to mean that most Americans oppose abortion. Thank you, though, for the clarification.


BTW, I too support limits on voluntary abortions at the point that a doctor or NP could reasonably state that the child could live outside the womb.


Hilarious. Got any more?


I not only cited the article I posted the results.

Here’s an article discussing another similar poll.


I agree it’s not a major issue now. Do you agree it is part of their culture?


Illegals have been caught voting as have legal immigrant non US citizens.

It only takes one vote to decide a close election.

Only a handful of votes in FL decided the presidential election in 2000.


First you say I’m confused about the woman I was talking with, and then you contradict yourself directly after by saying that she had an Abortion.

What do you think an Abortion is? I think the common misconception that to many people
now adays may have is that a miscarriage has anything to do with an Abortion. It’s a bit
radical to think that way, but they’re two entirely different things.

Because if you think that an Abortion and a miscarriage goes hand in hand, then you’re not only wrong, but then a good majority of women that have ever gotten pregnant have had one then, and that’s not the case what-so-ever. I implore you to do your research on the subject.
One is murder=Abortion and the other one can’t be helped most of the time. One is an option to kill the fetus who is still alive in the woumb=Abortion, and the other is a natural death of the fetus!!!


Everyone knows that the giant 100-foot-high boundary wall is the only way to protect America from invasion. If there is no fixed line of invasion on our southern border, in which democratic cities are to blame, we can get security in our country. It’s a shame that Democrats want to use government closures to force a government to open without a border wall. It must be against the law.


Do you mean sanctuary cities?

100 foot wall???


100’? Not even Trump is looney enough to suggest such a thing.


Technically a miscarriage is a natural abortion or a “traumatic abortion” in which the pregnancy is lost due to injury.

Generally they are referred to as a “spontaneous abortion”.

Neither has anything to do with a medically induced or surgical abortion.


I’m right there as well. Current medical technology places that threshold at 21 weeks or greater. That is a little over 5 months and slightly into the 2nd trimester. I’m not a fan of post viability elective abortions. By 21 most females know they are pregnant and should be able to come up with a choice.

There are some cases when a woman wont such as those that regularly skip periods or stop or stop menstruation for long periods of time.

I’m all for disallowing post viability abortions except in cases of danger of life to the mother. But again this comes down to a persons choice regarding their body.


My apology. I get mixed up with conversions sometimes.


You’re only about 3x higher than anything anyone serious has proposed.

You get any taller than 20-30’ and the winds in the SW are strong enough to lay them flat unless they are built of reinforced concrete/steel with very deep foundations.


Yeah, I’ve already seen the definition there what Liberals push on people.
I’m talking about the common sense version of what a real Abortion is!!!


I agree with what you said.


But do you know?


Do I know what?