The 2018-2019 NHL Season


5 power plays tonight for the senators, including OT. 2 for the penguins. Becoming routine.


Interesting. The Penguins get a penalty for delay of game for shooting the puck into their own bench. Not over the glass.

When did they change the rule? I didn’t hear about that rule change - seems like a major one.


Hah! Now they tried to award a goal to Carolina that clearly didn’t go in.


Refs are being ticky-tacky with Pittsburgh now to get Carolina back into the game. Very weak-ass call.


Penguins 4 for 4 on the PP tonight, baby!


Hmmm- why did use to think that if a player was tripped from behind on a clear cut breakaway, a penalty shot was to be awarded?


I actually thought the officiating has been decent up until the past couple games. The game tonight is just ■■■■■■■ awful. Everything called on the Penguins so far, and ignored a blatant and obvious high stick on Guentzel.


And so it continues.


One of those games. Penguins just need to tally the loss and move on. They don’t have a chance.


Yeah, they ignored a closing a hand on the puck and a delay of game on the Kings, moved the face off out of the zone, and led to a Kings goal. This game is decided already.


Michael Raffl deserved to be penalized for punching Malkin in the back of the head.

Malkin deserves no fewer than ten games for attempting to behead Raffl.


One game for Malkin was fair. Of course the Flyer wasn’t called for anything- par for the course.

This game so far Malkin was high sticked on a scoring chance, no call. Letang deliberately tripped, no call. Rust thrown down trying to get out of the zone, no call. Then Rust gets penalized on the same play for roughing. Must be nice to know the refs have the Rangers back no matter what happens.


What a ■■■■■■■ goal by Malkin!


Penguins getting ■■■■■■ hard in the ass tonight by the refs.


■■■■■■■ flyers fans cheering for dumoulin getting injured.


No one was cheering Dumoulin getting injured. They were booing Simmonds getting a penalty.


Mist be nice to always know anytime a flyer goes to the box, a penguin was going with them.


Awesome - the Penguins are 27th in number of power plays (175). They’re also 27th in number of short-handed situations (181). -6 is close to the worst number they’ve had in some time.


Yep- Penguins just don’t get power play opportunities. As evidenced by the flyer game. Nothing called on them including a hit to the head. I’m just accepting it now.


Penguins getting ■■■■■■ on penalties tonight again.