The 2018-2019 NHL Season


The new NHL season will kick off this week.

Will the Caps repeat as Stanley Cup champs?

Will the Golden Knights prove last season wasn’t a fluke?

Who will be in the Stanley Cup Finals?


Do they kneel for the anthem?


Tom wilson with another dirty hit to the head. Nothing will happen to him… this is the fourth dirty hit in the last two years. The league doesn’t give a ■■■■ about player safety unless it’s a penguin doing the hitting.

■■■■ the capitals and their dirty ass style of play and ■■■■ Tom wilson.

Unless he’s gone for 12+ games at a minimum he’s just going to keep doing it. He’s allowed to give players broken jaws and concussions without so much as a penalty.

See his hit on Dumoulin and Aston-Reese In back to back playoff games last year. Not even a minor penalty.


I remember Matt Cooke getting suspended 17 games because he was a repeat offender and his behavior didn’t change. This will be Wilson’s fourth suspension in the past two years. If he doesn’t get something to close that, I’m going with the league being biased against the Penguins.


I’m hoping the Blackhawks can get back on track, even if my heart isn’t ready for a potential ‘Hawks/VGK playoff series. Oh, and I obviously hope the Knights get back to the playoffs.

And may the refs never call a penalty on the Penguins that they don’t truly deserve. :grin:


Seattle is one step closer on getting an NHL franchise.

The NHL agree to have a vote on granting Seattle an NHL team in December.


I’m pleasantly surprised- the NHL is finally taking a stand against Tom Wilson and the Capitals ■■■■■■■■. 20 games. About damn time.


If Tom Wilson’s appeal is successful and he gets less than 17, I’m ■■■■■■■ done. Matt Cooke, while a Penguin, got a 17 game suspension. The reasons were he was a repeat offender and kept making egregious hits and didn’t change his behavior.

Tom Wilson - according to the league, his behavior and style of hitting is unprecedented. When it comes to fines and suspensions. If he wins this appeal, I’ll be furious. They truly don’t give a ■■■■ about headshots if doesn’t serve his full suspension.


Penguins getting ■■■■■■ against the Oilers tonight. Bad bad penalty call against them in the last five minutes of the game. Oilers got about 4 power plays in a row and can do anything.

Not even fun to watch.


Penguins fewest power play opportunities in the NHL by quite a margin. Why am I not surprised? 3rd in PP percentage despite their few opportunities.


Not even three minutes in and Penguins whistled for a ■■■■■■■■ call.


Will be honestly surprised if a penalty is called on Washington at home tonight.


Jesus ■■■■■■■ Christ, penguins get a penalty, Capital goes after the Penguin, another Penguin gets another penalty so it’s a full five on three for two minutes. Penguins opponents literally can do no wrong.


Holtby flipping like a European soccer player, complete ■■■■■■■■.


And another one on the Penguins.


Knew that’s as coming. Predict 6 or 7 PPs for the Caps tonight. Penguins had their token 1.


Holy ■■■■■■■ ■■■■


And another one.


Man, penguins are just getting hammered with penalties. Apparently the Capitals can do no wrong and commit no penalties. Mallon ejected for a hit to the head. Meanwhile Tom Wilson doesn’t even get a ■■■■■■■ penalty for headhunting the Penguins. ■■■■ these refs.


Penguins get ■■■■■■ again. A hand pass to yourself is a legal play. Refs blew it and gave the call to the Coyotes, including a face off in the Penguins zone.