The 2018-2019 NHL Season


Pens are up 2-0, quit your bitching. :wink:


All I want is the same standard applied to the Penguins as everyone else :wink:


Penguin got hit literally three seconds after releasing the puck, got his head drilled into the boards. At least they called a two minute penalty.

Head injuries my ass.


Tom Wilson with another match penalty for a check to the head.

Tom Wilson is a ■■■■■■■ piece of ■■■■■ How anyone can defend his behavior is ridiculous.

If he’s not gone for another 20+ games, nothing will change his predatory headhunting.


Nah, son…that’s not what you’ve ever wanted.

You want the Penguins to be treated like porcelain and for them to have carte blanche to do as they please.

Let’s go back to the Sestito suspension a couple of years ago, when you said it was a “clean hit”…then spending 20 posts whining about how Byfuglien hit one of your defensemen against the boards.

Hell…even Kessel went headhunting tonight and you’re probably formulating ways that he didn’t do anything wrong.


Also, and I can’t believe I have to defend a piece of ■■■■ like Tom WIlson, but he pretty clearly hit Seney in the shoulder. This is the image at the point of contact.


You could argue interference and you’d probably be right, but in this case


Was he penalized? I’m surprised he wasn’t since flyers had carte Blanche to do as they pleased last night. Including tripping Kessel going toward the net then punching him for hitting the goalie.


And you always defend Wilson!


And the penguins getting hammered with penalties again tonight, leading to a comeback that the refs want for Colorado.


And another penalty call on them. Let’s see if the penguins can have 10 in a row called on them.


■■■■ this ■■■■■ Colorado can do anything.


Hah! Crosby elbowed blatantly and that’s ok. Just like every time Tom Wilson hits a penguin nothing is called.


It’s a miracle you still watch sports. I’d be frustrated as hell if I truly believed every league was coordinating to cheat against my city’s teams.


Hah! Crosby elbowed again, in distress. Blatant shot to the head, with an elbow.


It’s frustrating when there is a double standard when it comes to what’s called and what’s not.


And of course another penalty on the Penguins.


This game Ottawa elbowed Crosby in the face twice, nothing called. A penguin touches a senator, automatic penalty.


Why do you think these leagues have it out for Pittsburgh? Is it coordinated between them or just coincidence? Is it because the teams have been too successful, something against the city?


Their success and their star players. Crosby can get hit in the head, slashed, interfered with, basically other teams have free reign with him. Steckel blindsided Crosby and have him a concussion, not even a penalty called. Tonight Crosby got two blatant elbows to the head, nothing called. Brooks Orpington hit Olli Maatta a couple years ago in the playoffs, got a two minute penalty for giving him a concussion. Last year Tom Wilson hot two different Penguins in the head in back to back games and didn’t even get a penalty.

It’s hard to see how the league is serious about head shot and concussions where there’s a deliberate pattern of allowing headshots to the Penguins with no repercussions.


You never see games when Penguins have three or four more power plays than their opponents. I routinely see games when penguins are short handed theee or four more times than their opponents.