Teen jogger held 2 weeks after accidentally crossing border from canada

teenaged jogger,french citizen

jogging along the beach.
steps on a dirt path to avoid high tide,stops to take a photo
approached by 2 border patrol agents and detained for illegal entry.

her mon drove to the detention center with her documents but they didnt release her for 2 weeks

what in the hell has happened to our country. border patrol has gone insane

in maine and new hampshire BP shut down the interstate to stop drivers and ask them where they were from

What exactly is your issue, that’s their job? You claim to be from Texas but you’ve never been through one of these border patrol checkpoints? Have you never left Austin?

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Such immigration checkpoints on highways have been used by the Border
Patrol for years, often along popular smuggling and drug-trafficking
routes in the Southwest.

But let’s blame it all on Trump.

Ya’ll keep this up and your whining is going to make me become a total hard ass on the immigration issue.

ive been thru them. they should be illegal.

i should not be stopped and have to tell BP anything…

and yo have no problems with detaining teh jogger for 2 weeks???

How long did it take her mother to take the records to the Canadian authorities after presenting them to the US authorities and get them to sign off on her return to Canada?

Obviously we need to have open borders. Anything else is just too mean.

Stop that. That is not what the point of the story is supposed to be…namely how bad ICE is.

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Right, just like enforcing our borders should be illegal. We get it.

Why did it take two weeks? Perhaps because she wasn’t a resident of either the US or Canada?

They probably could have had her deported to France in 72hrs or less. Throw a third country into the mix and things get complicated.

Guess it would be wrong to mention she was not a Canadian citizen either but French and had no ID at all on her at the time thus the added issues in her situation.

There is almost always more to a story and things are not always as cut and dried as some would have you believe.

can’t trust Canadians.

She wasn’t Canadian.

im not surprised teh authoritarian right has no problem with detaining her for 2 weeks.

now if it had been a gun instead of a woman they would be going nuts.

but then we know they thier guns more than people

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You can get residency in canada by sending in a coupon off the back of a Sugar Pops cereal box.

Does Canada have a national ID law?

“It’s just a random checkpoint. It’s within 100 miles of the border,” the agent said. “We just occasionally set them up to see what we can catch.”

I’d rather just examine people caught committing crimes. I don’t like checkpoints at all, not even DUi points. Law enforcement shouldn’t be in the business of halting people then looking for a crime.

I definitely feel for this jogger too. Running pants don’t have enough room for any ID if they’re a serious pair. I bristle at the thought that I must be identifiable at all times. Arrest me for a crime first or get out of my face with those nosy questions.

So we shouldn’t even have a border then?

Why are you obfuscating this discussion with the facts? a lot of posters on this board don’t like that, it invalidates their opinions.

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Isn’t that the truth!