Teen jogger held 2 weeks after accidentally crossing border from canada

Wonder why Yahoo left this part out:

Authorities received her “travel documents” three days after her arrest, but it wasn’t until days later that both Canadian and American immigration officials determined she could enter Canada. She remained in custody for a total of two weeks.

So she was held for 3 days while her travel documents arrived. THEN the US had to work with Canada. Sounds like some of the hold up may have been Canada allowing her back into that country.

Why would Yahoo leave that part out?? Things that make you go hmmmm

Oh and yes this part is from leftist CNN

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Things that make you go hmmm indeed. Speaking of things that make you go hmmm I tried googling some info on some gay bakers refusing to make cakes for christians with a message they didn’t like (was for the baker vs gay couple thread)

I used Google and every time i tried to get the information it brought up the christian baker getting sued. I had to use Yahoo to bring up the story i was looking for.

So Google is actually refusing to allow some information out there.

I know it has nothing to do with this thread but it is another thing that makes you go hmmmm. :thinking:

I’ve never understood this mindset, last time I saw it regularly was with gay marriage. “You made me take a hard line on this issue!”. Doesn’t make sense to me.

We have some knocked out bridges and trees. Seems to be working…until the Canadians finally master canoe technology.


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No idea. When you cross a border however, you better have some ID.

Because after awhile you get tired of trying to talk with people who refuse to be rational. Pretty much you just say ■■■■ it and and if that’s the way you want to roll so be it.

If one side refuses to acknowledge certain things or make concessions and expects the other side to do all the giving up, then yes, you tend to want to take a hard line. Dems are good at that. It’s always my way or the highway with them. Makes people want to dig in and do the same.

Having driven to Canada from Massachusetts, I’m not seeing the problem. Border Patrol activity is nothing new there. Last time, on return, one agent was conducting dog training.

Husband and daughter went without me once as I had to work that weekend, and they weren’t so kind about the interview even though I notarized permission for her to go.

This really is nothing new.

I think I’m going to pass out, U S Border Patrol agents being expected to, I don’t know, do their jobs.

And this isn’t even really something new.

I’m not from Texas, but have spent time in southern California. The ride from San Diego to Temecula is a big Border Patrol checkpoint, as apparently this is a big route from crystal methamphetamine.

And this was closer to 2000 than any time recently. I’m not sure why these news outlets are making phenomena which has been going on forever, from opioid usage to checks at the Border Patrol, out to be something new.

I wonder how some posters would fare someplace like Mexico, where it is illegal to be an illegal emigrant, and a higher level offense to marry someone solely so they can gain Mexican residence.

Mexico accepts immigrants, but they must prove they can support themselves and be a part of Mexican society, not expect something separate.

Canadian Border Patrols can be very stern as well. I remember studying in Montreal as a college student, and our group being called in for immigration interviews asking what our purpose in the country was, and when did we plan on leaving.

These Border Patrols along the U S Border, for those entering Canada, are probably pretty mild by comparison to the above two examples.

Sure you do. It’s all about Trump being in office right now. Doesn’t matter this has gone on for years and they never thought twice about it, NOW it must be opposed and those doing their jobs called Nazis because Trump is president and it still sticks in their craw that Hillary lost.

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No the only Federal ID card issued is for military personal everything else is provincial.

we have the no touching zone.

where were her parents detained?

Problem solved.

If only we could dig up that thread with the US soldier who took a wrong turn into Mexico with rifles in his vehicle


I’ll bet you’re upset with Canada for not marking their border?

I guess they don’t realize it would be illegal to dump a citizen of another country onto Canadian soil without their approval.

unless they had a draft card

Ah…here’s some of that binary thinking we’ve gotten used to seeing from trumpanzees.