Teen jogger held 2 weeks after accidentally crossing border from canada

And that was probably the entire problem. It might be reasonable to take a jog along the border if you are Canadian but for someone in Canada from France running along the border without documents?

Did we ever find out what part Canada played in all this, if any?

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I only know that her documents also had to be shown to the Canadian authorities and they had to grant permission for her to re-enter the country AGAIN since, ya know, she wasn’t Canadian. :blush:

I’m pretty sure she had to remain in detention until such time as Canada said yeah, she can come back in.

How do you know this?

It wasn’t in the article at the link.

In that article, the mom came right away with the documentation, and the kid still had to wait two weeks.

Plus, the border guys actually watched the poor kid jogging, stepping from one side of the border to another - I think a fence might have helped here, something to tell the kid she’d left Canada for the good ol’ US - and then grabbed her before she could just step right back onto Canadian soil.

So the US taxpayer puts this kid up for two weeks in a cell or wherever, when common sense should have told the Border Patrol she wasn’t a threat.

Maybe because I read other articles online about the incident and didn’t just take what was in the OP or this thread as the only thing out there on the incident?

Try it sometime.

One with a timeline tweeted in the article:

Roman was held in custody for two weeks before immigration officials on
both sides of the border confirmed she was allowed back into Canada.
Then she was transferred back into B.C.

Her mother Christiane Ferne reached the centre with her passport and study permits after two days.But red tape took over and employees at the site said the documents would have to be verified by Canadian authorities.“Since I am not Canadian, it took time” said Ms Roman.

Plenty more where these came from.



ICE said it received Roman’s documents May 24, and that the Canadian Border Services Agency notified ICE on May 29 that “it would be willing to determine (Roman’s) admissibility if she was returned to the Canadian Port of Entry near Blaine, Washington.” It’s unclear why Roman was not taken back to the U.S.-Canada border until June 5, nearly a week later.


A map provided by CNN indicates that Roman would have crossed the border near the Peace Arch, a white marble monument that was erected in 1921 as “the world’s first monument dedicated to Peace.” The arch straddles the U.S.-Canada border and is inscribed with the words “CHILDREN OF A COMMON MOTHER” on one side and “BRETHREN DWELLING TOGETHER IN UNITY” on the other, meant to celebrate the friendship between the two North American countries.

The demarcation line between the two countries, it turns out, is only about 3 miles down the coast from White Rock’s popular wooden pier.

Roman told CBC News she hadn’t seen any signs indicating she was about to cross into the United States’’'

So, a16 year old girl with no money, in jogging clothes and with a cell phone, steps over the border to take a photo.

I’d expect her to be arrested and thrown in jail - but hopefully not beaten to death - if it had been North/South Korea.

But for Border Patrol agents to take such a hard-line and waste tax payer money over something that common sense should have told them was a simple accident… frightening how we’re devolving.

Their job being to terrorize a 16-year old girl who accidently crosses a border where no signs tell her there’s a border?

A girl with no backpack. No food. No money.

When a simple phone call to the girl’s mother would have verified the girl’s story?

I’m a Republican. I’m all for stopping wasting tax payers money. And this was a waste of tax payers money.

Border agents should do their job. Yes. Intelligently and with a bit of common sense.

So my statement that you initially questioned was correct.

If you want to discuss the why’s and wherefors as to it taking so long that’s a different subject all together. It take the govt forever to do anything. I wait months for a single piece of paper.

To be fair, isn’t that how a lot of people crossing the border illegally show up?

I’m pretty sure they need to do a better job of marking the border in that area.

Not true. They are very efficient at separating families.

Your needle is stuck.

Most folks would have extra clothes.

Mystery solved.

The detention center where she was kept for two weeks is privately owned.

The owners make money for inmate they keep there, as long as possible.

And from Wikipedia.

On September 20th, 2017 WA State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against GEO Group, Inc., the private prison company that runs Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center (NWDC). The lawsuit alleges that GEO Group, Inc., the second-largest private prison provider in the country, has for years violated Washington State’s minimum wage law, paying its workers $1 per day or in some instances, with snacks and extra food. “Let’s be honest about what’s going on,” said Ferguson, speaking at a downtown Seattle news conference. “GEO has a captive population of vulnerable individuals who cannot easily advocate for themselves. This corporation is exploiting those workers for their own profits.

Well that explains part of it then. It took approx a week for the paper snafu to get straightened out and each country approving it, but the rest of the time was just filler.

They could not have held her any longer than ICE wanted to keep her detained.

In an incident like this you not only have ICE to deal with you have the State Departments (equivalents) of three separate nations that have to get involved and for everyone to give their approval.

If she was being deported to France it probably been taken care of in a couple of days but with three countries involved you’ve got a bureaucratic nightmare on your hands.