Time to Abolish ICE Democratic activists say

Coming on the heels of the outrage over separating children from their parents, a number of activists within the Democratic party, along with some Congressional candidates are calling for a complete end to ICE. The argument is that they are just too brutal.

These activists have no recommendation to replace ICE, so apparently this would be an end to enforcing immigration laws.

An activist in the article states that this idea was already prevalent in the grassroots of the Democratic party and recent events have provided an opportunity to push the idea.

So, is this good for the Democratic Party? Will it be increasingly prevalent within the party? Is it good for the country?

great… so much for refrigeration…

About as likely as the IRS getting abolished. I don’t see this getting any momentum at all.

That’s one instance where ICE has shown that it is unfit to represent this country.

That no one quit rather than enforce the child separation orders is an indication of the low character of the members of ICE.

Reform would be nice, but it looks like the rot of inhumanity has seeped too deep into the culture of ICE. The Boder patrol can take up the slack, perhaps rehire the decent ICE agents.

wait a minute, didn’t Algore say we’re melting the ice caps anyway?

More that just “momentum”

A whole handful?

I’d go for abolishing it.

That’s going to go far in this Republican Congress lol.

That’s my dumbass congressman.

Represent this country? They’re law enforcement. You want representatives, look to the legislature.

If it wasn’t for the trade war instigated by Trump, and the tariffs which are already causing job loses, I’d say Rs have a very good chance of keeping Congress and maybe even making gains.

But unless Trump reverses the tariff madness it’s anyone’s guess.

I do think, however, as the Ds move further and further left they could have problems winning in swing districts, never mind red ones.

Plus the current stories of crazed left wing mobs arent helping them.

I don’t know. Plenty of people were still wanting Clinton to win even after she was telling the deplorables one thing and her Wall Street friends another. Some people will go down in flames backing their party no matter what. Enough people keep voting against their own self interests as it is that this should be self evident already.