Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


Let’s just hope, for Niki’s sake, that Kaepernck is better at selling shoes than he was at playing football. :wink:


So, he will get Nike to the superbowl? I’m pretty sure they will be OK with that.


I am sure that everyone keeps tabs on the stock market.

right @Smyrna LOL

I bought some Nike stock when you told me to.

and now its up 2%. I will Now sell @ a nice profit. LOL

Thanks for the stock tip.



Good for you and I mean that. It’s a crazy world right now and if you can make some money off of it…kudos.


New balance or Nike…those kicks should have been tossed years ago…


Yeah … so about that. As of this morning Nike stock is trading right back at the price it was the day before they released the add. Took all of 6 days to get back the 4 billion in market cap hit due to knee jerk reaction and speculation. They will be just fine.


Making money off faux patriots. when they were selling I was buying.

I almost feel bad about stealing money from them,almost…



The narration for the entire ad is Colin.


Bought at 79.80 on Wednesday, sold today at 82.26.

Not bad a nice tidy profit, thanks to all



If you wanna make money seems like all you have to do is follow around whatever those on the far right are claiming to boycott, then buy stock of that company.


The alternate memes have brought them back.


Hell of a commercial.


I want a company that turns a “Cops are pigs” guy into a hero to fail, yes.

What’s too bad is that people either have forgotten or don’t care about that “cops are pigs” incident and just think of him as the guy who first knelt.

I don’t have a problem with the kneeling, but if you want to create better relations between police and the public, you don’t go around insulting them or encouraging your “community” to insult them.


There can be more than just 1 type of hero


Wait … I thought both Conner and the Kurgan both said there can be only one.


The only thing it will take to get Nike to the Superbowl is money. The same goes for Kaepernick. He can buy a ticket just like anyone else. :slight_smile:


yes, with that fat Nike endorsement, he can buy pretty much anything he wants.


That’s the only thing that bothers me about this whole Kaepernick thing. Altruism is his banner, but clearly, the man is a cop hater and yet that aspect of his character and agenda has been ignored by his supporters.


Nope. He only hates bad cops. What’s wrong with that?


His cop-pig socks made no distinction between good and bad cops. He clearly hates cops in general.