Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike


No. He clearly doesn’t. That’s just your right-wing interpretation. Only bad cops are put on socks. I’m surprised no one told you this.


And another honor for Kaepernick. He received the Ambassador of Conscience Award from Amnesty International.





The pig socks were stupid. Bringing attention to unlawful police shootings is a worthy cause, but the socks didn’t distinguish between bad cops and the vast majority of cops who don’t shoot people unlawfully.


Next time, I hope he remembers to wear socks that make those distinctions. It would change everything.


The vast majority of cops don’t shoot people lawfully. Heck, the vast majority of cops never fire their gun while on duty except at the range.

Most liberals pretend to ignore the pig-cop socks … reflechissez is in a class of her own. :wink:


Just read an article that says that Nike sales shot up over 30 percent, according to an outside estimate, after the Kaepernick ads started.

I take this report with several grains of salt, but I find it interesting nevertheless.


I would just avoid politically-charged socks in the future. So many better ways to get one’s point across that aren’t open to misinterpretation.


I live near a small town in a rural area, and a good friend’s dad just retired from the police force after nearly 40 years on the job. He pulled his gun once but never fired it.

I think the pig socks did nothing to further Kaepernick’s message and just became a target for his detractors.


Well, he’s a brave, classy guy. He deserves the accolades. And now through Nike, he’s getting a nice payday. And if that article that I linked is accurate, then Nike has already boosted their sales.

So, it’s quite possibly a win-win, which sounds like good business to me.

The companies that make mouth guards for nighttime teeth gnashers ought to boost production.


I’m sure you’re proud Kap finally cashed in on his infamy.


National anthem shouldn’t even be played at sporting events or any entertainment events for that matter.


I’m glad that he was rewarded financially after being punished financially by the NFL for displaying courage, class, and honor.

I’m also glad that the move appears to the benefiting Nike. It was a risky move.


Why not? …


Going 1-10 is courage class and honor?


Well, that’s an odd tangent.

You still don’t know why he was kneeling?


I paid to see the damn game, concert etc. not listen to the anthem, most are usually buying beer, food while it’s being played anyway.
BTW, is the military paying the NFL to advertise themselves or play the anthem?


They used to. Don’t know if they do anymore. If it offends you to hear the anthem quit buying the damn ticket.


I have Rams season tickets and I sit and drink my beer while the anthem is playing and no one gets outraged, only trump snowflakes on the internet do.


It’s not a tangent. It’s his actual record the last year he played. You know, the reason they get hired or fired.