Surprise! Colin Kaepernick is the new face of Nike




Those socks remind me of Boss Hog from Porkys


See, freedom working over a rigged criminal political system.


Just saw Nike’s new commercial. It was pretty solid.


Sorry, CK a turkey, and Nike is a Tofurkey.


That’s too bad. I hope you are wrong.


As a vet and a retired Army Master Sergeant, I really loved the Nike ad.


Why is that? You want everyone you disagree with to fail?



But…I thought this would hurt Nike.


I thought it was pretty powerful as well.

The new Nike commercial


I saw it during the game last night. I liked it.


This will hurt low end Nike sales at places like Ross, Kohl’s, Marshall’s. I have yet to see anyone burn a $200 pair of nikes lol.

Nike is trying to secure their customers for the next 30 years, not the last 30.


And like predicted they are featuring lots of other athletes. Their first new commercial is more than 2 minutes long (in the uncut version) and features Kaepernick for an entire 6 seconds.


The Ad was solid, Nike knows what’s its doing



I think it’s possible that Kaepernick’s half mushroom.KAP


why does everyone call me a racist???


And yeah, people are tossing shoes away in protest.

Oh wait, you dummy. Those aren’t Nikes. They’re New Balance. :slight_smile:


Trumpkins are so stupid.