Supreme Court OKs public money for religious education

I’m not really sure how requiring the payment of public monies to faith based schools is in the first amendment.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Can’t wait until the Somalis in Lewiston take advantage of this and the public freak out that is going to happen from it… especially if LePage becomes Governor again.


States’ rights is a merit.


"The court said that the First Amendment provision guaranteeing the free exercise of religion requires neutrality toward religion, and Maine’s system of paying only for tuition at non-religious schools demonstrates not neutrality, but hostility to religion." See:

To answer your “question” . . .perhaps we will find out when a school advocating “Satanism” is denied funding.


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Why does it open doors?

Do you realize this ruling tells Maine it may not exclude based on faith?


There you go. Now add in “otherwise qualified”

And to think “some” are attorneys.

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Maybe in TX.

I feel the same way about Planned Parenthood, PBS and a large variety of other Left-Wing Organizations like the Clinton Foundation.


From the link in the OP:

Maine law gives school-age children the right to free public education. But because many rural districts lack a public high school, a workaround was devised that allows students to attend nearby qualifying private schools with public assistance.

Under Maine law, however, schools that offer religious instruction had been ineligible.

First, I will point out that our current public school system is very flawed, specifically regarding its largely cookie cutter approach that is woefully ineffective for many students. This view I hold was shaped as a result of my time in public education as a teacher and now as a parent.

Second, I fully support a voucher system in which every parent and child could choose an education program that best fits their wants and needs.

Third, as a parent and a taxpayer (that’s my money too), why should a private school just because it’s has a religious affiliation be excluded? What if it is closer and has a sound educational program, what harm is it to you if that’s a better fit for my child?

This is perfectly fine for a Muslim school, Jewish school, etc. Regarding questions about a Satanism school. I could assure you that they would get little to no enrollment, it would fail.

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I do understand the point and it seems self-evident- theres mnoney for private schools but not for religious private schools? Thats agaionst the first amendment right to religious freedom.

The problem is when you start okaying taxpayer money to be directed towards religious organizations that run these schools. Then we get into the flip side of damaging the fundamental separation of church and state that is also encoded into the Constitution.

It opens the door to a whole 'nother world. What if say a number of evangelical churches developed schools that taught religion as part of their curriculum. Then a large percentage of folks decided to send their kids there and demanded taxpayer money to fund that. That looks like the US taxpayer is funding religious schooling. No bueno.

Next up on this front: attacking state standards on educational standards.


Has that happened?




Wrong on both counts. Both Scientology and Church of Satan are recognized as religions, and would therefore be entitled to this state funding.

You bet. Yet another way for the Right to continue to silo themselves away from the rest of the world.

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Not if I’m governor. And I’ve been thinking about moving to the whitest state in the country.

Also good.

Texas GOP’s platform has the back to back policies of school choice… meaning that funding should follow the kid to the public, charter, private or homeschool of their choice…. Thus draining the public school system and then right after that states that the State should not regulate Private or Homeschools.

Crazy pants nonsense.

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