Supreme Court OKs public money for religious education

So my question is- if public monies can go towards tuition at religious schools- are we talking schools of any religion and faith? Islam? Scientology? Satanism?

The Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a Maine education policy that made K-12 schools with religious instruction ineligible for taxpayer-backed tuition aid, continuing the conservative majority court’s general trend of ruling for religious interests.

The 6-3 decision broke along ideological lines, with the court’s six conservatives ruling that the state’s so-called sectarian exclusion violated constitutional religious protections. The court’s liberals dissented, with Justice Sonia Sotomayor accusing the conservatives of further eroding church-state separation.

On course to bring back the pre-Progressive Era when only one out of ten Americans had graduated high school.

I wonder how all the “states rights” people are going to justify this.

These days? They’re gonna say, ■■■■ you, this is great, we were lying about caring. Guaranteed.


Or “I never said that” or “you’re not smart enough to understand the nuances.”

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Next up- we need to do something about those pesky child labor laws!

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You think you’re joking but you’re not.

Sad face.

Well we gotta compete with the Chinese somehow.

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That doesn’t very church/state separatey.

It’s ok, the prog era has made high school the equivalent of a 60s middle school education with a masters in Woke.








If taxpayer money can fund Drag Queen Story Hour in public libraries, then allowing God back in school seems appropriate.

What are you afraid of, that you’ll be converted while you’re not looking?


Why was it a state’s rights issue?

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It’s not “allowing God back” in public schools.

Because the Court just overturned a state policy that prohibited public funds from going to religious schools.

They didn’t just hold that Maine can fund religious schools - they held that Maine had to fund religious schools.

Link to the Opinion of the Court and syllabus is in my Supreme Court thread. I am away from the house so I will address this later.

Suffice it to say that I am of a decidedly mixed opinion about this.

People of faith pay taxes that fund those schools and have a right to expect their views not to be excluded. I think that would be somewhat like taxation without representation.


Is discrimination a state right?


You tell me. I’m not a “state’s rights” person.