Supreme Court OKs public money for religious education

Or none?

Any faith? Or only certain faiths? And why are faith based organizations given tax exempt status if they are receiving public funds now?

You brought it up. “Otherwise qualified”.

Because otherwise would disproportionately affect the black nation.

Yes, I did. I said:

I see the answer to my question is by obfuscation.

Your the attorney…what does constitution tells you?

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Well that took a weird turn.

But really- we don’t tax churches because that is seen as a burden on the “free exercise of religion”. But now we are going to publicly fund them?

I’m not obfuscating. Should an “otherwise qualified” school be punished/excluded for the reason of religion? Does a state have a “right” to do that?

Remember your CRAs, etc.

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I imagine the IRS guidelines would apply where the test would be was it a recognized organized religion. Yes, that would include Islam.

No, that’s why. You haven’t noticed how a blind eye is turned to politicking from the pulpit in one case?


Such as the Muslim school for learning how to fly planes. Publicly funded. Interesting.

Of course you are.

Again - you tell me. We’re not talking about my views here.

Is that an established, organized and generally recognized religion? I’ve never heard of that one.

Now you are just being silly.


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Well, if they are doing what you suggest then perhaps you should be contacting the authorities.

I’m done with this ridiculous conversation.

That was the basis of the opinion, was it not?

A lot of you young people don’t understand the 1st. Of course the judiciary had a lot to do with that.

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I don’t think it was publicly funded.

Something interesting , it appears this was not only propped by Christian solicitors.

Garnett, signed an amicus brief in the Maine case submitted by the Religious Liberty Initiative of Notre Dame Law School on behalf of elementary and secondary schools from three faith traditions — Catholic (Partnership for Inner-City Education), Islamic (Council of Islamic Schools in North America) and Jewish (National Council of Young Israel)

I am not interested in arguing the merits of the decision with you.


It’s almost as if you’re trying to be a cliche.

Ya- I saw that- it opens the door to public monies for faith based organizations in other ways, brings up the question of why we offer tax exemption, and generally questions the tenets of the the separation of church and state.