Supreme Court Nominee

Yes they are identities. Just like “evangelical” “lgbtq” “black” “disabled” “veteran”

Of course 1.

Is ACB a:

  1. Qualified judge who happens to be a woman?
  2. A woman who happens to be a qualified judge?

I will be forwarding your answer to Rufo.

Did he utter the words “African-American”?

Per the Constitution. Prove me wrong.

There wasn’t just one quote. You fell for a linguistic trick. It is called echolalia. Often used in advertising.

Well, damn.

I provided quotes, now the backtrack.

Duck meme?


“Rufo”? :rofl: A nobody. Bring him in here, I’ll argue for CRT and run him off the board.

Crenshaw is a founding member of the faith cult. You are violating her key tenet.

What happened to “Don’t see color, don’t see me”?

Very, very dishonest. Don’t try to take a liberal position now.

Feinstein went there.

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I am sure she is the only one…. Or you know not really.

I bet there are quotes in that thread about not being smarter than Barrett…. I am almost certain

The quotes prove your argument?

One was enough.

About who not being smarter than Barrett?

I have 34 posts in that thread, what am I looking for?

I don’t know what in the hell you are talking about. This is a jumbled mess of many competing thoughts being thrown up on one post.

My answer stands. And I bet a LOT of money that any CR theorist would give the same answer.

You just simply don’t understand the material as well as you think… still

Did Brandon or did he not say “list of african-american women”?

Did Brandon or did he not nod his head when the reporter said “Black woman”?

Who on this board has ever said Jackson is not “qualified”?

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Whoever asked her questions.

Horse ■■■■ and you know it.

Only one specific thing. You claimed Biden didn’t mention “qualified” and in fact, he did.


Any quotes by a gop member noting that people who questioned Barrett are not smarter than her.

Or any defense of Barrets testimony as being more than simply questions about her background.

Prove me wrong