Judge Amy Barrett's Confirmation

The hearings start tomorrow, should be an interesting show.

Any predictions?

I predict they have been told to lay off the religion, but at least one of them won’t have the self control to do it.

I predict that it will take up all the news segments.

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It pretty much did today.

One of them will ‘go there’. There’s always at least one. In a safe district.


DH - Designated Hater

I believe it will be boring.

At least two of the Republicans on the committee have COVID.

I am interested in seeing what happens. Who will show up tomorrow?

What will that mean?

She’s a white woman who took children of color away from their culture. That will be a recurring theme.

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I’m pretty confident that it won’t. It won’t even be mentioned.

But we will see.

So she’s like some Hollywood elite! Oh noez

I watched a interesting segment on TV last week. They were talking about RBG and how in her hearings she set the standard by not answering any question that required a response to a hypothetical situation. I had not realized that it went back to her. I think that most of America really doesn’t know her. So these hearings are always good for those who are interested in her thought process. I remember watching the hearings for John Roberts. Biden and some of the other Democrats tried their best to trip him up. And the hearings really showed how smart he was. I told my conservative business partner that it would not take him long to become Chief Justice. And it didn’t.

I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to make that a issue. She should be praised. That is one nice looking family.

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Roberts has been Chief Justice since he has been on the court. It’s not a promotion.

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But libs will forgive Hollywood. Hollywood pays their dues.

If she persuades them to try on a different gender, all will be forgiven.

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Yes…libs will whine…loudly…and treat her like ■■■■ …as usual…and then she’ll be confirmed.

The dems will go all in and try to Bork her. This is their last stand.

Confirmed 100-0.

Or close to 100-0 with a few abstentions.

I predict they will question her judgement attending a covid fest on the WH lawn.

What an unusual prediction.