Judge Amy Barrett's Confirmation

Lindsey Graham is such a hypocrite.

Looks like Mike Lee is attending in person.

Guess he figures if he has it, he should share it with his coworkers. Apparently, irresponsibility is at least as contagious as COVID.

What a jerk.

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graham just said they’re following all of The Cleveland Clinic’s guidelines.

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Please stay on topic.

There has been chatter in the ANTIFA sites that actually control the Democratic Party that they’ll ask Barrett if she’s familiar with the Emoluments clause, she will give her understanding of it and then they’ll list of every violation of the Emoluments clause and then hoe she would handle such a situation. And then run on down the list.

She’s going to get confirmed but there’s no reason to not let her pick up a bunch of Trump skid marks along the way.

Bring on the Dems court packing! A 6-3 conservative majority is so far outside of the mainstream and in no way represents the American electorate.

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Confirmed on a strictly party line vote. Dems will go along with nothing these days.

I’m listening to Dick Durbin as I read this…Yapping about being respectful and rules.

That man is one of the poster children for why we desperately need to term limit these clowns. He makes my skin crawl.

The rules are that a president nominates a person for openings on the Supreme Court, the Senate then chooses to advise and consent…That’s the way it’s worked on what’s the number, 29 occasions in an election year when the White House and Senate are of the same party…When the White House and Senate are of different parties the nominated judge usually isn’t confirmed.

Judge Barrett is highly qualified and in a sane world would be confirmed with 90+ votes. But we don’t have sane lefties in DC so…That’s the way it’s worked on what’s the number, 29 occasions in an election year when the White House and Senate are of the same party…When the White House and Senate are of different parties the nominated judge usually isn’t confirmed.


And Chuck is a man of honor. :sweat_smile: :laughing: :joy:

Your definition of “unusual”… is that a new lib redefinition of the word? I ask because it’s an unusual use of the word given the already publicized talking points from the Left.

It’s really a shame how MSM has left its faithful listeners so uninformed. Low-Information is the new Black among proglibs?

She is obviously intellectually and morally superior to any of the dems in the room. So like you, they have decided to mainly complain about Trump.

It’s also strange that CNN has decided to do more Covid babble rather than show hew hearing. Cuz You know, we don’t talk enough about Covid.

There’s also the whole point of packing the court through this nomination and McConnells efforts: rolling back the Voting Rights Act, which is back before SCOTUS.

For a party that has given up appealing to a majority of the electorate, having a judiciary that are enthusiastic supporters and collaborators in vote suppression is one of the ways a minority regional party can cling to power.

The voting goons are back.

Just another reason that supports and justifies a Democratically controlled Senate and WH expanding the judiciary to more reflect the electorate and not a narrow slice of white rural voters.

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Cruz is good. Too bad he let Trump emasculate him.

He got over it.

“I’ve gotten the sign-off from the Office of the Attending Physician, I’ve gone through the appropriate number of days… and I’m no longer contagious.” ~ Senator Lee.

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What’s with all the sermonizing about the Affordable Care Act…and the pictures in the background behind all the left wing kook Senators…Senator and Failed Presidential Klobuchar here’s a hint…Donald Trump isn’t the one being confirmed.

Here’s a fact…Trump has on multiple occasions disavowed white supremacy and the “Losers and Suckers” ■■■■ from the Atlantic has been completely debunked…Why is that idiot quoting that crap.

God Please Save This Great Nation From Left Wing Kooks.


Weird that he can’t say if he’s had a negative test.

Because they are lying liars who lie and seem to be addicted to lying.

So weird that I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight. Weird, really, really weird. :joy:

Klobuchar doesn’t know where she is.

Klobuchar just rambled on about Trump having no allegiance to the truth…

In the same statement in which she lied about Trump’s comments and quoting the Atlantic article which used nameless faceless sources to slam the President and which has been debunked by named and identified sources.

What a tool.

Another poster child for Term Limits.