Super Bowl LVIII

The perceived advantage is overblown.

The only reason it’s a big advantage in college to take the ball second is because you are already in scoring range when you get the ball.

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Good point.

Most watched broadcast of all time, not bad.

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get woke, go broke.

the Black national anthem.

taylor swift.

most watched program ever of all time.

the boycott simply did not work.


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Besides what I said, there’s another reason I’d give the Chiefs the ball first. If the Chiefs get a TD, then you have to match. Do you go for 2? Or do you give the ball back to Patrick Mahomes knowing all they need is a FG to win? I go for 2.

I just don’t think there is any real disadvantage for kicking off with these new rules.

That’s EXACTLY what it looked like! :rofl:

lol. I didn’t see the song played on TV written to thank the white Republican from Kentucky. All I saw was Post Malone and Reba.

Why’d they bury it? Where were the kneelers?

it went off without a hitch and was well recieved

from FoxSports

“Andra Day performed “Lift Every Voice and Sing,” known as the Black national anthem, ahead of Super Bowl LVIII and received a rousing ovation from the fans at Allegiant Stadium…”

try again.

maybe one day your spot a real outrage.maybe the war on Christmas.


I didn’t “spot” anything. It’s as if it didn’t even happen. When did she sing it again?

las Vegas super bowl pre game.


I didn’t see the race-baiting-for-ratings song either. Weird. :thinking:

Reba is one hot gramma.

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Oh all things being equal with the new rules, I’d kick off.

But my guess is Shanahan was thinking his defense needed a rest, and he trusted them to hold KC to at least a FG if that’s all SF could muster.

They had just been on the field for KC’s tying FG.

It wasn’t a bad thought…the Chiefs had scored only one touchdown all night, off a very very short field (after the muffed punt).

So he figured give his D a rest and they could hold the Chiefs.

They were wrong, but it wasn’t such bad thinking that he deserves the grief he’s taking for it.

The real grief he deserves is why in hell were eight of the first nine called plays SF had in the second half passes when the Niners had run the ball quite well in the first half?

That this play selection led to three straight three and outs was bad…you can’t dominate the first half like that against KC, and then do that and now the score is only 10-6.

What boycott?

Is there still a boycott?

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Way before the game? Were there people there? Cameras?


The Taylor Swift effect.

obviously you dont read twitter.

there was a boycott.

just not an effective one.


No wonder no one noticed. “Twitter”. :smile:

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Any kneeling during the national anthem?

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