Super Bowl LVIII

It’s official.

Super Bowl LVIII will be a rematch between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs in Las Vegas.

Any predictions?

Yes. The Chiefs win. They won’t choke like the Packers and Lions.


Rooting for the Chiefs only because I want to see the incleish right winger heads explode when Taylor Swift gets even more airtime.

Someone really needs to ask these folks to point to the place on the doll where Taylor Swift hurt them.



Imagine having such a lame life that Taylor Swift gossip is a part of it. :rofl:


taylor swift rulez……

chiefs by 14……


Rooting for the Niners but suspect that the Chiefs will win their 3rd.

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I am all about Taylor Swift and seeing as much of her as possible.

She really is an incredible beauty.

I don’t care how crazy she is.

Go Chiefs!!

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That is so cool.

Way to go Travis!!

“It remains to be seen if Swift will be in attendance for next month’s Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas as she resumes the international leg of her blockbuster Eras Tour in early February,” it added. “Swift has performances scheduled in Tokyo from Wednesday, Feb. 7, through Saturday, Feb. 10 — one day before Super Bowl LVIII gets underway on Sunday, Feb. 11.”

No way she misses “THE BIG GAME”

I predict that I won’t watch it. I have no interest in either team. Or Taylah.

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Please tell me you’ve at least seen hotter women than that in real life though. :rofl:

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You know where I work.

I see much more attractive women all the time.


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I’m going Chiefs.

But the 49ers have displayed incredible resilience and capitalized on mistakes big time.

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Yeah, she’s not all that. Don’t get the obsession.


I will concede that she is of higher quality than that Hanna Montana trash back in the day. lol

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Their 4th. Unless you’re not counting that AFL VS NFL game we now call super bowl IV.

Right, apologies. I meant of the Mahomes/Reid era.


Ugly politics.

Hope she stays neutral.

NYT: Biden Campaign Covets Taylor Swift’s Support

Not a chance. The NFL is steadily losing viewership and in order to stay relevant they’ll need politics and firsts and gossip. :wink:

Oh man.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: