Super Bowl LVIII

Lemme guess, you don’t see it. :wink:

More like YOU don’t see it :wink:

Um. NFL is quite literally the only thing people still watch on TV. It’s likely the only reason most people even own a tele.

The NFL made up 93 of the top 100 broadcast programs last year, according to a Sportico report citing Nielsen ratings. That’s up from 82 last year and 72 in 2020.

I’d propose we rename the appliance knowns as “television set” to something like “NFL box” because it’s rarely used for much else :call_me_hand: :sweat_smile:

Imagine what kind of bull ■■■■ YOU could spin with a billion dollars. Pretty pictures and all. :rofl:

So true, sports is the biggest thing I missed out on when “cutting the cord”

Ended up going in YouTube TV with some pals for the season.

YouTube has NFL and all that, right ? How do/did you like it ?

Love it, live TV and Sports. However I plan on cancelling after the season cause it ain’t cheap.

But essentially YouTube TV has the Sunday ticket built in so it was great.

You don’t pay extra for that ? I thought standard YouTube TV package was only around $70 ? was thinking of switching

You pay extra. Just not as much as someone without YouTube TV.


I’ll watch the “Swiftie Bowl” :crazy_face: I’m from Pittsburgh and watched the Steelers win 4 Super Bowls in less than 6 years. The game is different now but I like football.
KC beat the Ravens so did the Steelers, twice with a sleep walking ■■■■■■ team, ■■■■■■ QBs and a HC that should have been let go years ago instead of getting a contract extension because the principal owner is the son of the creator of the “Rooney Rule”? Don’t get me wrong minority coaches deserve their rightful place in the NFL but this guy sat a QB for two years that was a backup to a HOF QB, knew the system and proved it the last 3 games of the season by winning because the drafted rookie QB that never was coached correctly was injured and the bum FA couldn’t accomplish anything. This coach’s legacy is “he never had a losing season”? He can’t win playoff games either. Coach “one and done” :rofl:
Ok I vented
KC by 10 unless they turn the ball over like Baltimore did.

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No you are right Sunday ticket is extra add on.

I haven’t had cable in a long time, usually relying on people I know to log into a local station for games.

It was a pain in the butt, YouTube TV has been a great option for football this year.

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Years ago when I wanted Sunday ticket, I couldn’t get it because I did not want to switch to direct TV. Now that I can easily get it, I don’t want it because their product doesn’t support the price tag. But that’s just my opinion.

Gambling and fantasy football is a big reason people get Sunday Ticket these days. People will watch anything, even paint dry, if they have money on it.

As far as the TV goes, I don’t even watch football on it. I either watch it on my computer or on my phone at work. Every network has a streaming service.

You watch Football on a 7" screen?

I do sometimes, at the gym. Gym has TVs but only on cardio equipment.

Sure. I don’t think I can bring a big flat screen into a toll booth. I work 10pm to 6am. I watch the first half at home, the second half at work for late games. I get hardly any traffic. So I watch movies and all kinds of crap on my phone. Remember, I’m at work, anything I can watch is a plus.

For any big Cowboys game I just call out sick. For a crap Thursday night game, what do I care what I watch it on?

55” is the way to go. you can see dak choke up at the big game up close and personal.


just an FYi, viewership of NFL games is wayyyyyy up.

almost to 2015 levels (which was the all time high for the NFL)

taylor has been a godsend to the NFL.

estimates run about 300,000,000 in extra revenue.


That’s exactly what I have at home. The only time I watch football on my TV is when the Cowboys play. And I watched Dak spit the bit on my '55. Come to think of it, Lamar and the Ravens are becoming the Cowboys of the AFC.

Yes. The NFL loves every bit of the Swift situation. I know a lot of people complain about it. I couldn’t care less. Doesn’t bother me.

They need all the Bald Brittany Spears, Kneeling Kapernicks, and Coming Out Gay players they can get. Throw some Hip Hop Halftime Shows in for good measure.

That’ll get them talking, not the game itself. :wink:

Heard there are some really great deep fake videos of her on the Net. You could watch them during commercial breaks and the usually lame halftime show. :wink:

San Francisco is my sentimental favorite going back to the Montana/Rice days, but I was impressed by what KC accomplished in the last three games and I think they can pull off another win. But we shouldn’t sell Purdy and company short. That come from way behind victory over the Lions was impressive. Hopefully, it will be a close, back and forth game. So often the best thing about Super Bowls is the adds.

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