Steel workers beginning to understand they got conned

Wilbur Ross had to personally lean on the steelmakers to get them to do it.

Easier said then done. Not every union will allow just anyone to be a rep. Just saying.

it is 3% per year…double what they got the three previous years.

HOWEVER, the steelmakers weren’t going to do it- they were stalled over this and the health plan.

Wilbur Ross leaned on the steelworkers to do it…it wasn’t automatically going to trickle down to workers.

So I guess conservatives are now on board with government interference in the private sector.

By allow you mean that there isn’t the political will to change things for the better.

You get what you put into it.

Nonsense. It depends on the union. If the union dictates what they’ll do and won’t do and you aren’t given options, what choice do you have other than seeking other employment? Some unions only care about their members when their contract is up for negotiations. They aren’t all great. Generally, it’s the bad ones that drive people away from supporting the good ones.

You really think the tech industry is petering out? Sorry, but that is a ridiculous statement. As is the statement that high paying tech jobs only exist in SF and Seattle. As is the implication that tech is the only other industry with high paying jobs.

I’m told frequently that skilled labor in construction trades is in high demand and certainly these fields don’t need government subsidies.

At the end of the day, I’m not trying to tell them what to do. Just stating my preference that we not punish one part of the economy to support a different part just for politics.

A Union, like a country or a state or anything, is only as good as the participating members.

Want to change the Union… go and do it. Work on it.

There are no excuses.

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How many hundreds of billion of dollar that goverment subsidized for the tech industry?

But I’m told those industries don’t need goverment subsidies.

Look at clean energy…libs were all over that one with government subsidizes.

I bolded this for emphasis.

Steel prices are soaring.

Businesses that USE steel have AFR more jobs than business that CREATE steel.

The net overall effect of steel tariffs to the economy is NEGATIVE, not positive.

You mean like a good senator vs a bad senator or a good law vs a bad law??

Of course some unions are better than others. Ironworkers are among the best. Super hazardous occupation that should never be rushed or have safety compromised.

SEIU?? Political activists dressed up as janitorial staff. Stick to wages and safety and there is little to complain about.

How many businesses in the tech industry are there in the US that haven’t made any money in the US since the 90s? Plenty of them owned by foreign parent companies that are solely in business as a tax write off. Who cares though, am I right?

Go on. Why don’t you tell me about the hundreds of billions in subsidies in the tech industry.

The only reason Trump cares about steelworkers is because their votes are geographically important to the EC.

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You think Trump actually cares about the steel workers? That’s cute.

Why did you single out the tech industry for this issue?

Because I’ve been working in it for over a decade.

Adding 5,500 jobs is reviving an industry?

Of course not. I don’t know why anyone would think Trump actually cares about them.

He uses people. That’s all.

But what you describe is not limited to the tech industry.

For example, infrastructure is on the agenda coming up.

The popular method of infrastructure funding, especially new roads, at the moment is the public/private funding method.

Do you know most of the private companies involved in such partnerships are foreign-owned and are looking for a source of government cheese plus exclusive toll rights that last for decades?

Why would I know that? I do know about the tech industry though, since I’m part of it. So I felt I was allowed to comment on it. You have a problem with that? :roll_eyes:

Making up for people who had not a raise in almost 4 years.