Steel workers beginning to understand they got conned

Thank god for unions, right?

I’m about to have my roof replaced, and I asked multiple roofing companies (including Lowe’s) about the cost of putting on a metal roof vs shingles as an option for the main part of the roof, and they all said the same thing…metal roofing is just going to be a lot more right now because of the tariffs.

A lot of people around my rural part of the country have been changing over to metal roofing because it WAS getting cheaper and better quality, but roofers are having to tell people that it’s just not very economical right now.

They always vote to strike. It’s a symbol of solidarity.

Metal roofing is more expensive than shingles anyway. 40+ year metal roof vs 30 or less shingles. Invest wisely.

Key word representation. I’ve worked plenty of union jobs (in name only) that were all about collecting dues and not much of anything else. Like anything else though, there are good ones and bad ones.

Union representation is only as good as the people who are in the Union.

If one wants their Union to get better… then they have to be active in representative role.

You get out of it what you put into it.

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Notice that this story is an isolated case and they don’t mention anything about the steel market.

Also dems offer no solution to keeping steel made in America.

14% over 4 years.



Good news Camp. It’s seems things are picking up enough where the United Steel Workers can start fighting for better wages and bennies again. If the democrats had their way they would just back over them with the bus.

Now watch how libs degrade the union…since they don’t feel they have a need for em now.

Agreed. Unions are good news

They don’t want a solution. They think steel is a dirty industry.

I see hypocrisy is once again rearing its head in the forum.Now suddenly Trump supporters are putting qualifiers on what is a good union versus a bad one.

What a surprise.

I love being informed about what my opinion may be.

All dems are told what their opinions are… Right now they will be coming out of Pelosi’s office. Descent is not tolerated in the dem party. You can tell by how they vote.

In my area, it was very comparable before the tariffs.

Metal was going down and was competitive with singles. Not the case right now-by a pretty significant margin.

It is good news that they’re making more money.

However, if I had it my way, these steel workers would be working towards better, high paying jobs, that don’t require government subsidies.

Mark my word, when things go south for the steel industry, the right is going to be wailing about the unions killing industry, like they have for decades.

In my area, the materials have never been comparable. The labor is where you save on metal. Takes a lot less labor than shingles depending on the cut of your roof, which ties back into material.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve saying-the cost of a person buying a metal roof was comparable to shingles, and when Trump decided to start playing economic games with tariffs to satisfy his base, the cost has now skyrocketed and it’s no longer economical to get a metal roof.

And what are those better paying jobs? The tech industry?

Seems to me the tech industry is starting to peter out…and if there are available you have to move to places like SF or Seattle where they can’t offered to live.

Million dollars shoe box isn’t living.