Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


No, the four horseman of the apocalypse were socialists that is their platform!


I’m a liberal who’s a little frightened of her. Afraid she’ll create a fissure in the party, or magnify the existing one, and split the vote for President.

Nancy needs to take her to lunch. Often.


Well said.


Some how the person who doesn’t have time to watch cable news can comment on the extensiveness of their coverage of AOC.

It’s so inconsistent.


The irony is completely different.

The palpability is completely different.

I can’t be here and then at the same time.

i·ro·ny (ˈīrənē )
noun: irony

  1. the expression of one’s meaning by using language that blah blah blah…

You made me flash back on the type of responses you might receive here (or there). Seems the “sides” just traded posts. :laughing:


Fake news likes to push stupid, that’s why AOC is popular.


Vietnam beat our butts Fair and Square


We go in, Spend a lot of money, get a bunch of people killed and then leave with our tail between our legs. Kinda like Afghanistan and Iraq.


no i am not impressed that she asked a small series of directed questions


so, she was on 60 minutes because hannity mentioned her. umkaaayyyy…

what other freshmen reps were on 60 minutes?


So explain why one of the other questioners did a better job at the hearing.


um, why?


You don’t have to. Everybody already knew you had nothing


They really should build it in ohio and use that as a hub…lordstown gm plant just shut down…the area is ripe for something like this…


Actually no. You are the victim of propaganda. Might I suggest Learning to Eat Soup with a Knife: Counterinsurgency Lessons from Malaya and Vietnam by Nagl. It will set you free.


She wants them banned in ten years. No cow farts, no airplanes.


Cool. Next time you can go and show us how to do it right.


The fact that she wants to ban certain types of speech she doesn’t like? I got that from her campaign website.


Must not own any firearms.


Why? Because there is no way to understand your opinion otherwise.

For a deeper explanation watch the Monty Python “argument” sketch.