Starting to See Why Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez So Frightens Conservatives


thanks for your 100% pure distilled opinion


Its a fact.


Young, naïve and idealistic all day long, yup. She’ll learn, she is quite intelligent.


none of this disputes what i just showed you about how arrogant, condescending and naive she is.

her pattern


i dont mind room to learn. this is the foundation of improvement

what is wrong is when people who are ignorant like her think they know all already. this is disgusting arrogance. the pathetic media support it to further their idiotic agendas

and her naive lefty arrogance she learned from her lefty university ■■■■■■■ professors safely ensconced in the warm womb of academia.

no thinkman accepts that.


The irony is that you could easily be describing Donald J. Trump. It fits him to a tee.


This is a perception given to you by the media; it’s not based in reality…

I am guessing you have actually heard a minuscule (and filtered) 0.01% of her actual thoughts on the subject…


yeah but fatty makes it all about the people who elected him and America

see you think we can’t discern that. it’s all about what works best for everyone and America.

Queenie Cortez thinks it’s all about her. like Queen complex Hillary. “i’m the boss” when it comes to her green new progressive manifesto “deal” and my way or high way

she just needs to grow up, and ■■■■■■■■ like Colbert need to calm down


So I invite all the people who are claiming AOC is ignorant, arrogant, naive etc. etc. to go back to the Cohen hearing and find another Congressperson who used their five minutes for questioning more effectively. Plenty of more seasoned peers to chose from… Explain how one of them did better.

Put all the insults back on the shelf and work with an example or two.


She’s a little excited lol.


such mathematical precision with no basis in science or data

i bet you believe in “climate change!”


i’ve provided a few examples please stop pretending otherwise

you keep relying on this “questioning” as though everything we’ve said doesn’t matter

it seems to me that you’ve resolved to base denial. it is not convincing anymore.



Be honest, how much of your understanding of her has not been fed to you by your favorite opinion shows?


i dont watch opinion shows ma’ friend. i dont have time or the interest.

i’m glad you honestly asked.

what i know is from what i see

a thinkingman knows better.

be one!

it is never too late. but, it is torture. be ware


Well I will be honest, about 90% of my understanding of her has come from right wing media. For the record, I consume equally since that is the only way to understand our current system.

More recently I have heard some of her ideas better following the Cohen hearing, and I plan on doing that more since she is obliviously not going away.

I am curious where you are getting your information on her, she has been covered very little elsewhere until recently.


“covered very little elsewhere?” lol are you serious?

60 minutes. Colbert. CNN. MSN B psycho C. she is their arianna grande.

contrary to what you think probably i dont watch fox news or form my opinions from them

she tweets. she speaks. all this is avail. it is pure HER. not news


I’ve acknowledge the examples that were verifiable. At this point I am asking you to return to the premise of the thread, which was what could be gleaned from the televised hearings last week… not from the daily “AOC IS AWFUL” story on the Fox website.

Your refuse is to to do so. That’s your decision, but it seems to me you would rather hide behind insults than speak to the topic.


Good idea. Interested to see how it pans out. :grin:


Your revisionist history ain’t gonna work on me, I watched it in real time. This forum itself was spammed with “Democrat Darling:…” every day as soon as she was a candidate on June 26, 2018; the CEC obsession was nauseating, as I had never heard of her. And lookie here, the very next night, this new freshman congressional candidate got this kind of national coverage from our host:

That 60 minutes interview was a little over a month ago, 8 months after the CEC obsession started.

You are delusional regarding who has been reporting on her up until the last two months.


Reasonable people might disagree strongly on how to implement any of those proposals. But I didn’t see a one and think, “Boy, that would suck if it came to pass!”